DJ Alok is the newest character in the game of Free Fire

    Dj Alok
    Dj Alok

    Garena and DJ Alok announce this Monday a worldwide partnership joining the game battle royale Free Fire and thus the Brazilian artist. The collaboration also creates educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people in Brazil and the rest of the world, with some of the money raised from selling Alok products within the game, according to company information.

    “As a big fan of Free Fire, I’m truly honored to be part of the game universe,” says Alok. “I couldn’t be more excited to bring my music to millions of players and engage our fans even more.”

    “Like music, games today are part of our social culture,” says Harold Teo, Garena’s global producer. “Our partnership with Alok allows us to unite our fans and their interests, creating new ways to enjoy Free Fire.”

    As part of the partnership, music and game fans will enjoy Dj Alok

    Play as Alok himself: The iconic DJ character, outfit and accessories will be available for purchase. Alok will have a skill that heals teammates and allows them to run faster when they are close.

    Enjoying Alok’s music in the game: Before the start of each match, Alok will play the song Vale Vale, one of his biggest hits, on the standby screen.

    Emote with Alok’s signature choreography: Alok’s iconic dance movement in Vale Vale are going to be available as an in-game emote.

    Alok content are going to be available on the morning of November 5th.

    Free Fire World Series 2019

    The partnership predates the Free Fire World Series 2019 final, which is the world’s largest official Free Fire tournament, to be held for the first time in Brazil. There will be 12 of the best Free Fire teams competing for the title of the tournament, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro.

    As part of the partnership, Alok will also be performing live an exclusive performance at the Free Fire World Series 2019, as well as releasing a new music video for their Vale Vale song, which will include the best of Free Fire.

    Empowering Young People in Brazil

    “As we build a community, we also look for ways to give back – to ensure that our next generation of players get the right educational opportunities,” says Teo.

    As part of the partnership, Garena and Alok will support the education of underprivileged youth in Brazil using part of the proceeds from selling Alok content.

    In Brazil, the funds will be allocated to an entity that will be chosen by Alok later. Globally, the partner will be the YCAB Foundation, a social enterprise with which Garena will work hand in hand to prepare Southeast Asian youth with the skills and knowledge needed to seize opportunities in the digital economy.

    Garena’s partnership meets Sea’s 10 in 10 initiative – the company’s commitment to equip at least 10 million people in Southeast Asia and Taiwan over the next 10 years with skills and training to achieve the digital economy. .