Does The Division 2 have cross play?

Does The Division 2 have cross play?
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Division 2, various agents working together have the facility to keep the public together, while society begins to crumble with the spread of the Green Virus. The story first begins with the original game and continues to expand the story, showing what happened in Washington, DC. An important expansion in the game is the Warlords of New York, which approaches a new war pass with weekly events and activities. Can you jump into the game with your friends on the console platform, or do you need to be on the same?

Must Read: Division 2 have cross play?

Unfortunately, everyone in your group needs to have the same console to play together. The developers talked about the game a year before its release, and they have not released additional plans to do so. While Cross Play will be available between PC players and Stadia, it is not viable for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players.

The statement continues, and the development team shows no signs of changing it in the future. Because the game was not intended to have cross-play capabilities for consoles for PCs, the choice is understandable, but may change in the future, certainly the excitement was given to players around the Warlords of the New York expansion. New territory, gear system, upcoming seasons, and more. But it is doubtful that Division 2 is out for almost a year.

We can expect to see cross-play in future games developed by Ubisoft, in particular those that focus on multiplayer. Ubisoft plans for Rainbow Six: Siege to achieve future cross-play, which indicates that Division 2 may have the same cure further down the line.