Dororo Season 2, Release Date

Dororo Season 2
Dororo Season 2

Hayakimaru and Dororo, it’s been a long time to show themselves on screen. Subsequently, after fifty years, they are coming back to the net. Dororo is a manga character of the 1960s. MAPPA plans to revise the characters. No matter how long it takes, some series always hit the hearts of viewers, as well as millennials and the boom. However, expectations are still there. Now, expectations have turned into a classic plot. But there are always a lot of questions. And we are here to answer you.

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Storyline: Dororo Season 2

The story has a very ancient history. It began back in 1960, and was a result of manga adaptations. Dororo made his debut in 1969 with 26 episodes. And later on April 6, 1969, the series began airing. Osamu Tezuka is the author as well as the illustrator of the series. And Osamu has gained immense popularity with this creation. Unfortunately, it did not last long and was canceled in only one year. Subsequently, its anime transformation became the first in anime history. It has a wide impact on people even after almost 60 years. Also, changes are taking place in various forms.

Back in 2004, a video game returned as part of a series called Blood Will Tell. However, it could not meet expectations in terms of business. Finally, after 60 years, MAPPA decided to try it. Therefore, in 2019 it attracted attention as well as attracting a new generation. The series began airing in January 2019, and continued until June 249, with 24 episodes. The show aired on the Dororo Blu-ray box set. Now fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 of the series.

Back in 2007, we had received a film, but with some notable changes. Although Dororo is a girl, she chose not to be a proper woman. Hayakimaru and Dororo are much older than the series. And later the setting for the film shifted from Sengoku Era in Japan to Apocalyptic Future.

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Release Date: Dororo Season 2

Dororo Season 2
Dororo Season 2

Unfortunately, we still have no confirmation on release. MAPPA has not broken the silence on the release date or any guarantee of making. However, the possibilities for this part are minimal. The final anime gave the plot a satisfying and just ending. Therefore, to go for renewal, manufacturers must have a strong intention with a new story. However, not a single Douro franchise has gone for renewal since the manga ended.

In the final episode of the 2019 anime, it gave us a hint of Hayakimaru’s future. Jivamaru has told about another journey of the main character in the previous episode. Although the series ends with the main storyline, there is a chance for Dororo season 2 with Hayakimaru’s new journey. Hayakimaru can get all of his body parts, and so the anime will get an opportunity to renew.

While there is no confirmation or announcement, the sequel stands with due opportunity. And even after the golden opportunity, we have to officially wait. And it will take about a year to release, and it starts at this time. Therefore, the fall of 2021 would be a correct estimate.

Plot: Dororo Season 2

Dororo Season 2
Dororo Season 2

If we end the main plot in season one, MAPPA has to come up with a new story. The studio can continue to seek Hayakimaru’s revenge and obtain all his body parts. By contrast, Hayakimaru will walk the path of humanity. At this time we can only guess, the rest is up to the manufacturers.

While some fans have different apprehensions about the story, according to some fans’ expectations, it will instead turn into a titular character of Doro. It is now revealed about her sexuality, and it will be an exciting part to watch her life as a girl. However, this is a fantasy, and there is no confirmation about it. Eventually, we are also expecting the same new possibility.

Dororo’s Ending Comparison with PS2 Video Games

Although the story was canceled, it still ended. As soon as Hayakimaru gets his eyes back, he learns that Doro is a girl. In Episode 9 of 2019, it was revealed. However, Dororo always rejects feminist life. Hayakimaru wants him to join and not follow the peasants’ rebellion. In addition, he gave his sword to Dororo, whom he was trying to steal from him. Hayakimaru leaves Doro crying at the door. In addition, he promised to meet her once again, when her adventure will be completed. But it took 50 years to kill 48 demons.

In the video game Blood Will Tell, when Hayakimaru learns to regain his arm, he has to kill Doro. Therefore, he invested his five years in building spiritual energy to drive out a demon from Dororo. After the exorcism process, he embraces Doro, who is now transformed into a beautiful woman.