How to download Counter-strike global offensive free for PC

download Counter-strike global offensive

CSGO is an action packed first-person game that you can download for free if you know from where to download.

In this article we will know from where you can download Counter-strike global offensive for free.

This game released on 21 August, 2012 when PC gaming was at its peak into limelight.

CSGO remained in the mind of every players since its release, but problem is players don’t know from where to download this game.

So here is a guide that will help you to download Counter-strike global offensive. This is a free game, so you don’t need to play anything to download.

Before you download Counter-strike global offensive

Counter-strike global offensive is a free to play game that is available to download from the official website of steam.

So to play this game you need STEAM downloaded on your computer.

To download steam on your PC open any browser and search for steam.

Click on the first link, and you will be taken to the official steam website. Click on install Steam a green button on top of the screen.

After that click on INSTALL STEAM to downloading steam. Now install stem from the downloaded setup.

Once steam is installed and updated if you have a steam account then sign in with that or else click on create account.

Fill necessary details and then verify your email. And then sign in with your newly created account.

Now to download Counter-strike global offensive search for CSGO. Press on play game.

The game require 25 to 30 GB of space so select drive carefully. Now you will have to wait till the download to get finished.

Sit tight this is going to take a while depending on your downloading speed.

After the game is downloaded you can launch the game with play button or form the desktop icon.

When opening for the first time it might take some while, but it will open eventually.

Counter-strike global offensive System Requirement

The system requirement of Counter-strike global offensive is already discuss in another article you can read it from the link given below.

But the basic system requirement of this game is you need to have minimum 2 GB RAM

And moreover you require Intel Pentium Processor and a graphics card to run this game successfully.

If you have these specifications on your PC then you are good to play this game.

If you face any problem regarding downloading or installing feel free to comment below we are here to answer all your queries.

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