How to Download Fortnite Battle Royale

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Just like PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile Fortnite become one of the most famous battle royale games in the last couple of years. This game got around the internet pretty fast like wildfire and caught the attention of both children’s and adults. It’s a fully action packed game combined with creativity that makes this game more amazing.

The thing that makes it even more fun is its unique graphics and also its 3 different playing modes to choose from that we will discuss later.

This game is so popular that every player around the world want to play this game, but the problem is most players don’t know how to download Fortnite Battle Royale.

So in this guide we will know how to download this popular game and play it on your device for free.

Download for free

This game is available for free to download, install and play from the internet.

But there are few things that you need to know before downloading this amazing game on your device like the system requirement and its download size.

When it comes to system requirement, the most asked question is whether my potato PC can run this game or not.

For that you need to know the minimum system requirement and match it with your device and check whether your device can run this game or not.

This game is available for multiple platforms that include Windows, Mac iOs, Android.

There are no fees to download and play this game so if anywhere you see that it’s asking to pay to play this game then you must not act blindly.

The developer of this game that is Epic Games, Inc. has made this game available for free in their official website.

Download Fortnite in any Device

So to download this game in any device you will have to head over to their official website that is mentioned below and from there head over to download section and select the device for which you want to download this game.  

After that you will have to sign up before finally downloading. You will see multiple options for sign up. You can sign up using your Email, Facebook, Google, Steam and other accounts.

After successfully signing up you will see an installer downloading in your device. As soon it finishes downloading run it on your device it will install the Epic Game launcher.

It might not run on your system if your device doesn’t meet the system requirement. In such case you have to install the game another way that we will discuss in our further articles.

But for now if your system was successful in running the launcher then download the game from the launcher and install it on your device and start playing this amazing game.

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