How to Download Fortnite Battle Royale for PC

Download Fortnite PC

If you are a PC gamer who love to play newly released and famous games then you must be interested to play this new amazing action game that is Fortnite battle Royale.

Fortnite battle Royale is an action pack game like PUBG PC that you can play for free

You can play this remarkable game on your system without paying anything to download and play.

The problem is most players don’t know how to download and play this game.

This is why most players don’t play this game. But today you will know how you can download this incredible game and play it for absolutely free.

Download Fortnite form Epic Games

To download this game you won’t have to look to hard for finding the real application.

It’s actually very simple to find the real application because the application is available in the official website.

If you are facing any difficulty while downloading then go through the step by step below, and then you will be able to download this game successfully on your device.

Step-by-Step process to download Fortnite for PC

Firstly go to the official website of Fortnite using the link given below.

Go to Fortnite official website

After that head over to the download section on the top right section of the screen and click on Pc.

If you don’t have an Epic game account you will be need an account to sign up to download.

You can sign up using your Email account or social and gaming account like Nintendo, Xbox, Steam, etc.

Secondly after you are done with sign up Epic game launcher will start to download automatically.

But if the download doesn’t start, click on the Windows icon to start your download.

If it asks where you want to download, save it from where you’ll find it easily.

After downloading is complete install the launcher. After installing if asked to log in then you can log in using the same account you used to download the launcher.

Once installing process is complete search for Fortnite. Click on get button to save the game to your library.

Now head over to your library and click on Fortnite again, here you will be asked to choose download location.

Select the drive wisely because it requires lots of space.

Select Auto-Update if you have regular uninterrupted internet so that whenever new update is available it installs automatically.

Click on Create Shortcut to create a quick launch icon of the game on the desktop.

Finally, on clicking on install the game will start downloading all the necessary files. Once the downloading is complete

Open the game and pick the mode on which you want to play – Battle Royale mode (Most Popular)

Or you can also play Creative or Save the world mode.

Hope this guide helps you to Download Fortnite PC for Free.

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