Dragon Nest- Ready to launch its new character; The Academic.

A great piece of news to all the fans of World of Dragon Nest is that the new character Academic is ready to come. According to the new update, it brings a new anticipated character named Academic. Today in this article, we will discuss this newly add character and its features. 

Dragon Nest- Ready to launch its new character; The Academic.
Created By World Of Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest- What does it mean?

Dragon nest is free to play fantasy game that is playing by numerous players around the globe. 

For the availability of this game, it is developed in various versions or languages so that any language region player play this game easily. 

The latest character in WOD, the tutorial, could be a very little guy/gal from the long run that comes with a futurist outfit and a mecha weapon. the tutorial is additionally equipped with a gun, a kabbalah gun, a mechanism summon named Alfredo, and a gun tower.

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 Coupling the Academic’s weapons with control skills that stun, slow, or silence, the tutorial is unquestionably a brand new character to look at out for. better of all, the tutorial conjointly encompasses a ‘Bubble skill’ for defence against enemy harm.

Apart from this new character, this upcoming update of world of dragon increases the max character level from 50 to 70. This new character also adds a two new story chapter that provides a unique direction towards the game. 

After a lot of changes finally, this update has released a dark nest that is known as Vein along with a new hell nest called Manticore. 

According to an official source of the report, Dragon nest is ready to launch its new character at the 10th birthday celebration. It is very surprising information to all the fans of World of dragon Nests that after 2015 dragon Nests is ready to release its new character. 

Touted as a notorious treasure huntsman from Red Lotus Palace, this character uses a single blade as combat that can be used for close combat, and a crossbow that can be used for long-range combat. This definitely adds a strategy that can be used in characters that are still hidden by Dragon Nest.

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The Academic- New Dragon Nest Character

For those not used to World of Dragon Nest, the instructional exercise resembles a heavy weapons specialist in elective kinds. discourse act ran abilities and great injury, there’s loads of utility for such a character in the event that you extravagant DPS or backing jobs. Seemingly a superior and far extra available person than the Archer and warlock class, the instructional exercise acquires a limited quantity of every classification and stirs it up pleasantly in its own particular methodology. 

The individuals who region unit profound into the game by as of now anyway have boundless the chance of diving balls deep into the instructional exercise before could do consequently presently and with the game giving to settle on either sex makes it a touch chomped extra beneficial. the instructional exercise constume could be a decent review to a youthful architect and emphatically extra creative development than the in-game legend’s present garb vogue.

Academic Character Abilities and Stats

Here some of the known abilities and stats of this dragon of nest new character are as given below:


  • Academic is a very helpful character to done a variety of attacks from long range radius.
  • It consists of flexible players that easily deal with the circumstances and defend allies. 
  • The interface contains a low strength and strong agility.


  • 1 INT- 0.5 Magical ATK
  • 1STR- 0.25 Physical ATK
  • 1AGI- 0.5 Physical ATK

So this is the brief information regarding the new character Academics of world of dragon nest. For more information regarding getting it and change it visit an official source.

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