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Another weekly update for GTA Online from Rockstar Games enables players to purchase specific vehicles at amazing savings. One such manufacturer, whose vehicles may be purchased at weekly discounts, is Benefactor. It is an in-game German opulent manufacturer whose car designs are strongly influenced by the Mercedes-Benz of real life. 

Buy Benefactor Vehicles In GTA This Week Online 

1. Benefactor Krieger 

GTA Online

With the release of The Diamond Casino & Resort update, the 2-door concept hypercar known as The Benefactor Krieger was introduced in GTA Online. Its exterior design is influenced by the yet-to-be-produced hybrid sports car Mercedes-AMG One in real life. It is being offered at a startling 40 percent discount and is regarded as a great all-around supercar. It can be purchased via the Legendary Motorsport website in Grand Theft Auto Online for $1,725,000. 

The vehicle has a mid-rear engine that is powered in an efficient AWD configuration by a 7-speed transmission. The car has excellent handling, rapid speed, and excellent acceleration and traction. Even when cornering, it can shift quickly after slowing down. Due to its all-wheel-drive configuration, clients may also enjoy excellent grip in both on- and off-road conditions. The car can climb steep hills with little to no shortage of traction thanks to its tremendous acceleration and drivetrain. 

2. Benefactor Schlagen GT 

GTA Online

The real-life Mercedes-AMG GT is the main design inspiration for its exterior. But the real BMW Z4 has left an impression on its headlights, facet profile, and entrance bumper. This week’s Benefactor vehicle to purchase is the Schlagen GT, which is offered at a 40% discount. For $780,000, players can buy it through the Legendary Motorsport website in GTA Online. 

In comparison to other sports cars in its range, the car’s performance is exceptional. The Mercedes-AMG GT in real life is said to be powered by a twin-turbo V8, according to the video. The vehicle is powered in an FR format by the engine, which is connected to a 7-speed gearbox. The car is thought to have highly solid handling. 

The experience is usually a direct rival to high sports cars like the Elegy Retro Customized, Elegy RH8, and the Jester because of the allegedly V8 engine. On wet or rough roads, however, cars are more likely to oversteer if drivers apply too much fuel when turning. 

3. Benefactor Stirling GT 

GTA Online

The vehicle’s noticeable 3-liter 310HP single-overhead camshaft V8 engine provides the vehicle’s power. This is related to the efficiency aspect. Strong competition for other high-end sporting activities classics is provided by the experience’s fantastic acceleration and fast tempo. 

Although the car is based on a real-life Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, the 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe and 300 SLR are both reflected in their exterior design. The cost of the car is currently staggeringly reduced by 40%. Customers can purchase this vintage coupe from the Legendary Motorsport website within the game for $585,000. 

If you were looking for all the three Benefactor cars for sale in GTA Online then you don’t need to scroll over the browsing application anymore. Just read the post and get every single detail about the given cars.  

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