Extreme-Down has changed its address Again

Extreme-Down has just moved. The site has indeed changed address, or rather extension. He has therefore swapped the usual .ninja for the .video extension.

Extreme-Down has always been an emblematic figure of the French-speaking warez, just like Zone-DOWNLOAD. Launched in 2008, the site quickly found its community, despite extremely tough competition.


This success is mainly due to the richness of its catalog.

Extreme-Down goes to .video

Unlike many competing sites, Extreme-Down has chosen not to focus only on movies and series. It therefore offers a wide variety of content. Content ranging from documentaries to TV shows, concerts, shows, software, video games, music and ebooks.

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A varied choice, therefore, but which is not to everyone’s taste. Since its creation, Extreme-Down has effectively faced hostility from rights holders and they have tried on several occasions to make it disappear.

Without success, however. The various procedures launched against his team were unsuccessful. In the absence of anything better, the rights holders therefore put pressure on the ISPs in order to blacklist the site.

A transparent domain name change

But once again, this strategy was unsuccessful and Extreme-Down changed domain names several times to fall between the cracks.

And precisely, the site team has just made a new change.

Earlier this month, she announced on Twitter that she had switched the domain name of the site to the extension .video instead of .ninja. The change was completely transparent and the team thus set up a redirection on the old domain name (over which it still has control) so as not to lose its visitors.

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Extreme-Down is of course not the only one to chain domain name changes. Zone-Directory, for example, proceeds in the same way and its team went even further by launching a second domain name to avoid filtering measures and make its content more accessible.