Hidden Locations in GTA 5  

GTA 5 game has a massive world to explore for the players and it is common to miss out on some of the locations. In the rush, players are unable to find the locations during the gameplay and they move ahead so that they don’t waste their precious time. So, to keep the requirements in mind of the GTA 5 players, this blog will serve you some Hidden Places GTA 5 by which you can extend the GTA world, even more, to explore for you.   

Hidden Places GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto game has been the shinier example of the amazing open-world game that is free to play. If you are a GTA game love and still lacking something then you need to try Hidden Places GTA 5 which can give you a better in-game experience. Finding the secret in the game can be like finding the needle from the floor. In this blog, I have filtered out all Hidden Places GTA 5 so that players don’t need to face any sort of issue while playing.   

Top 8 Hidden Locations in GTA 5  

1- Trevor’s Warehouse   

Now the GTA 5 players can easily explore the unincluded locations in the GTA world. Trevor’s Warehouse is one of GTA 5 secret places. This building has so many amazing weapons that GTA 5 players can use for illegal activities.   

2- The Bachelor Mansion  

This gorgeous Mansion is situated in the middle of the Vinewood Hills. Some players also claim that the look of this mansion has been taken by the reality show named “The Bachelor”. If you have never seen the heaven in GTA 5 game then you need to try this place to get a different in-game experience.   

3- The Golden Tree  

If you are unable to find or you have never heard about the Golden Tree then you need to go beside the Braddock Pass. The Braddock Pass has hidden the Golden Tree. However, when you see this tree in the daytime then it will appear in front of you like the normal tree. This tree shines only in the nighttime.   

4- Inside the Water Dam  

You can say the Unmistakable landmark that is open and not that much like the hidden places in GTA 5. you will be able to see this location from a long distance.   

5- The Thelma and Louise Cliff  

If you have never seen the Thelma & Louise film then this location will be the unexplored location. In this location, you will go through the exact scene of that movie that will be going to be very interesting.   

6- The Howitzer Motel Room of Craziness  

Jack Howitzer is the colorful character that has made the appearance in many games of Grand Theft Auto. The developers of the Grand Theft Auto game have launched this hidden place to dedicate Jack Howitzer.   

7- The Prologue’s Frozen Alien  

You need to drive for a long distance then you will get to see the rail track. You need to remember that you need to ignore the instructions given on the phone. Instead of running beside the rail track, you need to take the right then you will go through under the bridge. When you will cross the bridge then you will find this hidden location.   

8- No Video Game for Old Men  

This name is taken by the old movie name “No Country for Old Man”. In this location, you will get to see a man who warns the GTA players not to take the silver briefcase that consists of currency. If you will ignore him and take the currency then you will chase him down the highway. 

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