How to Clear the mission of Fortnite bat statue

Fortnite is a popular video game that is getting its popularity worldwide, and everyone loves to play this game, but if you want to know about the mission in which you meet the Fortnite bat statue, you are in the right place.

Season 10 of Fortnite is live with Boogie Down Challenges, and one of the toughest missions, where most of the player stuck, is a dance in front of Bat Statue, if you are also there then, stick with this article until the end and read full information about where you find Fortnite bat statue and how you can play mission of Fortnite statue.

How to Clear the mission of Fortnite bat statue

Fortnite bat statue

The Bat statue is a big statue or the mansion in the northern section of Haunted Hills, and you get this challenge in Fortnite game in the 6th week where game demand to dance at Fortnite bat statue and way above the ground pool.

In this mission you don’t have to do any professional dance step but you can run of loose your foot around the tower is consider as running. The way you can complete this mission fast is given below.

What is the location of Fortnite bat statue

As I said earlier the bat statue in Fortnite game is located in the northern part of Haunted Hills. The Haunted Hills is the region where you may visit or have to visit lots of time to complete different missions. So, to complete this mission when you visit Haunted Hills region, you head to the graveyard and then just west of the dilapidated castle.

There is a small hill, on the right of the crypt, and you will see a statue that’s like a bat, and this is the exact location on Haunted Hill where you have to visit.

When you visit this location, this mission will not complete, you have to dance on two locations: Fortnite bat statue and the Way-above-ground pool.

What is the location of A way-above-ground-pool

This another location is situated on the floating island, and we can’t give you the exact location because the floating island changes its location in every challenge. So, you have to find the floating island on the sea near Haunted Hills.

You get one motel which name is Durr Burger on that motel you get a pool which known as A way-above-ground-pool. So, you need to check for Floating island, which appears soon when you complete the bat statue task and then you have to visit for motel on that island and complete this Fortnite bat statue dance challenge.


If you read all the information given below, then I think you understand everything about Fortnite bat statue this is one of the important and toughest missions because you need to remember that this mission will only complete when you find A way-above-ground-pool. So, if you think this article provides you complete information about Bat statue mission, don’t forget to share this article and if possible, leave your valuable comment below.