Best landing spots in Fortnite to win more games

Hello guys we are back again to bring you guys the best landing spots in Fortnite and the latest tips to make you guys the best Fortnite player you could possibly be.

In this guide we will see how professional players able to get more materials, shield, weapons before their opponents

Also how they’re able to leave their loot spot a lot faster than others and go to get more kills.

What to look for when landing

The main things you want to be looking for when you looking for a drop spot is how much material

there is and how many chest spawns there are also look if there are any spider-man spawns around

And if there are any slurp barrels around you if you find all these in one location then you will be able to loot fast then others.

In your drop spot you will have to find the power position of the drop, which means the roof with the highest amount of loot visual.

A quick tip will be is that you don’t loot the entire place so that later on in the game when you respawn you can find loot there.

It will be a great backup plan for you if you play it well.

The blimps

Scan the map and find the area where the blimps are located. Landing here will help you plan your game easily.

Because of the elevation of the blimps you will be able to perform many actions that we will discuss later.

But on these blimps you will be able to find loots easily by killing the NPC guards, and you will able to touch the ground faster.

the downside is that many players land on them and think the same way but with the grip lines attached you can escape if you sense the danger is high.

You will get guaranteed blue weapon in the io chest on the blimp or by killing the NPC guard inside the blimp.

Synapse Station

Synapse station is a pretty good landing spot that will not only ensure that you are all geared up

But also provide one of the newest vehicle to be added to the game.

From here you can use the rifts to transport yourself up in the air and redeploy to a different location.

Or you can head out with the legendary battle bus. And this bus does live up to its name with the ability to crush whatever comes is its way.

It comes equipped with two sets of turrets that can help you to destroy opponents that happens to get in your way.

So make sure you eliminate everyone around to get your hand on this beast.

These two are the best landing spots in Fortnite that will help you win more game.

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