Fortnite Golden Balloon Locations- Where To Find Them?

In this advanced world of gaming, Fortnite has created a unique appearance for players who love to play this game. While on the other hand, Finding the golden ballon locations on Fortnite is still a herculean task for many players. Today with the help of this post we will discuss where to find all golden ballon locations. So if you are agog to know then stay tuned with this post till the end of this post. Here we will cover all the maps and hide locations one by one. 

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Golden Balloon Locations- How To Find?

Before going ahead in this post it is necessary to understand how many locations are located inside this game. So that we can conclude specific data to search all of them. 

Once you have popped ten golden balloons, you must complete this challenge, causing them enough damage when not needed in any way. Reward Challenge Five Battlestars is the number required to equalize the range of rewards of your Battle Pass.

You will see these glittering air-filled ones in the most obscure places around the Fortnight map. They are not straightforward under any circumstances, especially for those who are not accustomed to playgrounds. To help you cope with this challenge without any rush, we have prepared a guide to find all ten golden balloons on the Fortnight Map.

Name of All Ten Ballon Locations;

  • Ballon-1: Western Haunted Hills on the top of a building across from the church. 
  • Balloon-2: At the right side of the west of lazy links.
  • Balloon-3: East of loot lake
  • Balloon-4: On the roof of the brick house
  • Balloon-5: Beside the lonely lodge
  • Balloon-6: At the bear statue retail of south row
  • Balloon-7: Outside the area of the tomato temple
  • Balloon-8: Infront of an electricity pylon
  • Balloon-9: abandoned boat in a loot crate
  • Balloon-10: Next to hanging at the edge of the cliff

Weirdly enough, there is a large balloon-free gap in the western part of the island, allowing any player to optimize their timing and hit as many positions as they can in most singles matches. Because the easiest way to do this is to land in one of the four corners of the map, so head east or south/north. 

The second tough challenge of the week was finding 3 unique objects on the island, one in a timepiece, one in the Associate Degree Outsized Cup, and one in a metal dog. Familiar? You may have seen them dozens of times, however, you can use our location guide to find out where they are and the challenge.

While you still face this and another season seven challenge, we are at the top of the season. You currently face ten challenges per week, as well as visiting four promotional outposts in a single match. We have created a map so that you can travel wherever you want and expect to reach those places without encountering extreme resistance.

In fact, landing on Frosty Flights, taking that balloon, catching a plane, and using it to blow up all the balloons in different places is a solid strategy. Consider the X-4 Stormwing regular test field unit to be another challenge, with the possibility of some overlap. Apart from this, finding all the balloon locations was a big task for the players. But as far as a new tool guide has been revealed through Fortnite now players can easily fetch all the information. 

Hope this brief guide will navigate you how to find all the golden balloon locations in Fortnite. 

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