Complete guide to find the fortnite magnafying glass treasure

So if you are a fan of fortnite game and you are working very hard to complete all the missions then you may read the notification ” We know exactly where the magnifying glass treasure is located”. 

Actually searching the magnafine glass treasure is a mission in third week of fortnight season eight. Where player has to reach the hills of that game in search of glass treasure. But if you are in search of exact path or guide to complete this mission then you have to follow some simple instructions which given below. 

fortnite magnafying glass treasure

How to find the fortnite magnafying glass trasure?

The loading screen is the symbol where you see treasure. So, if you climb on a hill of this game then you see loading screen and able to understand where you exactly need to know. The area you need to search is at the foot of the ice statue and you get this statue at the southwest of polar peak. So, first step to complete this mission is to visit polar peak and easily pick up some eassy battle star. 

In more simple word, if you want to complete the challenge you need to find Magnifying Glass Treasure Map loading and you need to do one pretty thing that is, you need to find the location of treasure and carried it. 

To find this location you have to visit  quadrant B8, just south-west of Polar Peak. There you find some trees in a circular forcast area. 

In this middle of those trees you get the right spot and find some hidden battle stars. When you visit there and collect 5 battle stars then this is the location where you get magnafying glass trasure. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is fortnight?

Fortnite is a popular video game which provide lots of different types of tasks and you need to complete different missions. 

  • Where you get magnafying glass trasure?

You get magnafying glass trasure in fortnite game mission at quadrant B8, just south-west of Polar Peak.


If you read complete information which given above then I think you understand about the process to complete the mission of magnafying glass treasure. If this article helps you to find the location of treasure and helps you to complete this mission then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment. 

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