Fortnite Spy Base Locations- How to Unlock All Locations.

Fortnight’s Storm The Agency Challenge Area Unit is currently live with the game’s update at 12.61, giving you tons of additional tasks to complete before setting the stage for the third season of the Doomsday event favourite Battle Royale shooter. 3 One of the toughest challenges is asking you to unlock Faction Lock on completely different spy bases.

If you’re having trouble looking at them below, this guide will tell you where the Spy Base Area unit is located and how to end the challenge. With the help of this post, we are going to hide all the spy bases of Fortnite. If you are a Fortnite lover, keep an eye out for this post.

Fortnite Spy Base Locations- How to Unlock All Locations.
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How does spy location create a new mode for Fortnite?

Like any safe house you might want to visit for another Hurricane Agency Challenge, Detective Hideouts have been on the map since the start of the season. However, this area unit looks like a touch addition compared to safe homes; Although the area units are disguised to look like normal buildings, the spy base area units are all designated locations.

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 So they are very easy to spot. Each spy base option is one or two faction sharp chests, however, to complete this challenge, you must open one of 3 different bases so you can not turn around in one place. Plus you can’t open chests like normal; You must first jump into the telephone kiosk and disguise yourself, which will allow you to unlock yourself.

Fortunately, each spy base is simply identified as belonging to a telephone kiosk, so once you figure out where the chest area unit is located, you won’t have much trouble completing the challenge. Open the chest on 3 completely different spy bases, you can get a special steel shadow pick. We quickly get to the top of the Fortnight chapter a few seasons ago. The third season of the game is set to begin on June 11, with only a few days left to complete the week’s already lost in the season.

Where to find Spy Base in Fortnite?

Finding these spy locations and exploiting them from every match with the spy theme of the season, spy profiles and henchmen can also scan players. In addition to Deadpool skins and themes for Battle Pass users, this will be an important theme in the coming weeks.

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Despite the themes and updates that Fortnight has seen over the past few months, interest in Fortnight has been declining and many Battle Royale games are flooding the square measure market. Maybe if Epic Games made a lot of changes in the game like adding a CoD-style POW camp, it would bring back a lot of players.

 One of Fortnight’s challenges of the week was finding spy bases and quest chests in these locations. Players must do this seven times to complete it and get 40,000XP out of it, however, players do not have to try to make a total of seven in a match. Also, it helps to square these chests to the number of places the players will notice, so it’s very easy to finish. Additionally, to open one of the bolted categories, you have to disguise yourself as a henchman. You can do this by visiting a telephone booth on a field.

 It allows you to run after forgotten operatives and find them in any bolted chests or doors. In general, finding a booth is a bit of a hassle, however, as the spy bases are in a very dense area you need to get to one another very quickly.

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