How to make Fractal Rolls in Destiny 2 – Get all information about fractal rolls

Destiny 2 is one of the popular video games which win lots of hearts and if you are in search of some ways to make fractal rolls in Destiny 2 then you are in the right place.

In Destiny 2’s Dawning event you have to make some recipes and like most of the recipes, fractal rolls are also one of the rare recipes for which you require two different ingredients, one Common and one Rare. If this information is not enough then you have to stick with this article until the end to get complete information about how to make fractal rolls.

Fractal Rolls

Before we talk about the process it is important to understand some basics about this one of the interesting levels of the Destiny 2 video game. If you are a long-time player of Destiny then you can understand that this year, many recipes and ingredients come back from last year’s Dawning event and players have to bake them.

As in the game of Destiny 2 players have to make and deliver a set of Fractal Rolls which is known as a special dessert for Brother Vance in this game. This article is a guide to teach you everything which you need to know about fractal rolls as well as where you can find Brother Vance to deliver this recipe.

Before you proceed to any process I like to inform you that if you complete the fractal rolls recipe then it will help you to get closer to completing the Spreading Cheer quest, which reward is a swish ship, but with these rolls, you also have to bake at least 50 holiday gift including the Dark Chocolate Mote which is exactly same from the last year mission.

So, now I think you understand that there are some recipes in Destiny 2 from last year’s event and to complete this mission you have to keep some of the last year’s recipes in your mind. Now, read the process wich given below.

How do you get all ingredients to make fractal rolls

As you know fractal rolls will require two different types of ingredients in which one is common and another is Rare and you have to put both ingredients in Holiday Oven 2. O.

Those ingredients which you need to combine to bake these rolls for Brother Vance are –

  • 1 Vex Milk
  • 1 Pinch of Light
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

For Vex Mil

You get all the above ingredients in different places and for the Vex Milk, you don’t have to do more hard work because this is one of the common ingredients in the Dawning recipe event of Destiny 2. You can kill any Vex anywhere in the galaxy and drop this item, if you spend some time in Vex killing then you get this item from your Vex farming.

For 1 Pinch of Light

In this game, this is one of the rare ingredients and you get lots of Guardian’s super and you have to pick up Orbs of light generated from those Guardians. You can also get piches of light from Eva Levante’s Guiding Light bounty, and in this reward, you get 20 Orbs of Light.

For 15 Essence of Dawning

This is also a rare ingredient of this game which make this part a little difficult, but the fact which you need to know is when you complete any in-game activity then you get

The essence of Dawning, this part is difficult because when you complete each round of Crucible you will earn 12 essences, and get 15 you have to clear two rounds of Crucible.

How to make fractal rolls

When you follow all the above instructions you get all ingredients that you need to make these rolls and once you get all the above ingredients you have to put them all together in Eva’s Holiday Oven 2. O and your fractal rolls are complete now you have to give these rolls to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse on Mercury to complete this quest.

Collecting all these ingredients is a little difficult and to get more essence of dawning you have to head into a strike and to get Crucible you can make team up with other players.

Now, after following all those instructions you can make your rolls, and after visiting the lighthouse of Mercury you can complete this mission.


If you reach this section of an article then I think you read all the above articles carefully and now you are ready to complete this Dawning recipe mission of Destiny 2. Just keep in mind all the instructions given below because those instructions will help you to complete this fight.

Now, if you think this article provides you with complete information about fractal rolls, then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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