FREE FIRE Diamond Hack 99,999 MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds Health & ARM SKIN

Garena Free Fire is an action-adventure game inspired by PUBG. It is one of the most exciting GAME, exciting and popular survival games for smartphones. Garena Free Fire Mod Apk by Garena for all Android smartphones, and it is available for free on Google Play Store. We also have a free Fire Diamond Hack for you.

It is already released in the world with millions of downloads.

As you know, at Rulecracker, we bring a revised version of the most popular applications and games. Similarly today, we have brought the hacked version HOW TO GET FREE FIRE MOD. Complete information about Free FIRE MOD, such as Download Link, Features, and how to get Free Fire Mod and Free Fire Hack version.

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Free Fire Mode Features: –

  • Free Fire Diamond Hack: Unlimited Diamonds Trick.
  • No guns
  • Latest version updated.
  • Accessible to meet sporting events.
  • Unlimited Badges.
  • New version updated.
  • Free Elite Pass.
  • Free gun skins.
  • free dress.
  • Free Royale spins and shops.
  • Lots of new features.
free fire diamond hack
free fire diamond hack

Free Fire Diamond Generator 2020 – Diamond Hack Guide For All Of You

I do not know if you know that there are free fire hack tools which are diamond generator, they can generate unlimited diamonds for your free fire account. As you know that you need diamonds to buy certain things and characters in the game, diamond game currency is very important for a player. You also need a Diamond Hack to play Lucky Spine and win a prize. There are many diamond generator hacks available, but only a few are reliable. Let us look at the most reliable diamond hack generator.

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As the game is updated and the anti-cheat mechanism is often improved, this free Fire Diamond Hack generator is also updated to fit the game. The latest version of Free Fire Diamond Hack Generator has a lot of features. You just need to get it from our Telegram community.

Here’s what you can do with a diamond hack? Unlimited diamonds

As I already told you that you will continue to get unlimited diamonds in the modded app given by you. Please be sure to follow the steps for not getting banned.

Open all the legendary gun skins in the free fire mode in the free fire hack version:

free fire diamond hack
Free fire diamond hack

How not to get Free Fire Dimon Hack Push?

First step: get the app from Telegram source or anywhere you like.

Second step: buy only 1-2 items per day. If you purchase more items than the app’s signature on the game server for verification. Since the app will not be signed, it will result in a restriction on your account. Be sure to purchase skins and containers with low frequency to keep suspicion low.

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Use free fire before you use it at free risk! No blaming me if anything goes wrong


Garena Free Fire apk Team of fifty players. The team which eventually survives like a pubg. That team becomes the winner – the group whose one, two, three or four players survive the game. In the end the same team will win.

A plane and you are flying like a pub on the island. You have to look at that map and jump to the place where you want to visit the island. It is believed that you can also follow your teammates for a jump – mark your drop location before jumping into the game.

You will start descending. When you live a short distance from the island in a free fire game you can fall using the jump button on the screen.

Before you start a game, you must add four people to your free fire team. Your set will be ready as soon as your team is complete. The game is ready, you will wait until the 50 players in the match complete the auto-match. After having fifty players in the match, your game free fire apk will begin.

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Download Free Fire Mod: Free fire diamond hack available in it?

NameGarena Free Fire Mod apk
CategoryBattle Royale Game
FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
Last UpdateJune 4, 2020
Get it OnGoogle Play Store


  1. Question: is it free to download?
  2. Question: all unlocked?
    : Yes, all free fire skin is unlocked.
  3. Will I get free fire diamond hack

        Answer: Yes you will get free fire diamond hack