Free Fire Sensitivity Settings: Best Free Fire Headshot Setting

Free Fire Headshot Setting

Are you looking for Free Fire sensitivity settings? In this blog, you will be able to know about the Free Fire sensitivity settings of close, mid and long-range so that your game can be improved even more. You need to read the whole blog to know about all settings for headshots. 

Garena has launched its two games in which you will be able to see Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. This game has now become the most downloaded game in the entire world. There is hardly be anyone who doesn’t know about the free fire. If you are a free fire player then you must be excited to know about the Free Fire Headshot Setting. Read more to get the whole information. 

Why is Free Fire Sensitivity Settings is Important

You may have noticed that when you are playing Free Fire and then suddenly the movements of your character have been restricted. This I think is happens just because of the sensitivity settings. In Garena Free Fire, you are free to change the sensitivity setting so that you can improve your game even more. 

This setting will give you the best response while you are facing the opposition and getting the headshot. If you want to get a better experience than before in the match then you need to change the sensitivity settings. To know Free Fire headshot setting, you need to read out further information. 

Best Free Fire Settings for Headshots

There are many settings available across the internet. Finding the settings over the internet can be a little difficult for you. In this blog, I will be going to tell you about three settings for a headshot that can make your gaming experience better than before. If you are curious to know then read all the given information in this blog below. 

Free Fire Settings for Close-Range Headshots

Read the sensitivity settings below for the close-range headshots

Red Dot: 90

2X Scope: 85

4X Scope: 70 to 80

Sniper Scope: 58 to 60

Free Look: 67

General: 90 to 100

Free Fire Settings for Long-Range Headshots

If you want to get the best results and want to defeat enemies without any fear then try the Lon-Range headshot sensitivity settings.

Red Dot: 80

2X Scope: 70

4X Scope: 60

Sniper Scope: 52

Free Look: 58

General: 100

Best Settings for Low-End Devices

If you have low-end phones and still you want to get a better experience in the Free Fire game then you need to try this setting for the best experience. 

Red Dot: 90

2X Scope: 85

4X Scope: 75

Sniper Scope: 68

Free Look: 64

General: 100

Steps to Change Free Fire Settings

Step-1 Open the Garena Free Fire game. 

Step-2 Click on the settings on the top-right corner of your phone. 

Step-3 Click on sensitivity from the left corner. 

Step-4 now changes the settings according to the details that I have mentioned in this blog.

When you have done with the setting process click on the ‘X’ icon that will change the settings automatically. Read the whole blog of free fire headshot setting and get the amazing Free Fire experience even if you are a Low-end device user. 

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