game controller – Guide to understand how to carry game controller

A game controller or simply controller is an input device that comes in trend with video games. When video games become popular in the current world then everybody starts playing these games with these controllers.

In a game, we have one character which we are controlling and this controller will help you control your character in the game which makes your game easier. So, if you want to control this game then everything will become easy. If you want to know some information about game controllers then stick with this article and read complete information about controllers which is given below.

game controller

Game controller

A game controller is an input device develop by lots of gaming companies with their game and these game controller make games more interesting. In an early time when the game was release then people play a game using the keyboard after that joystick comes into the market but this will also be replaced by the Game controller.

This is a required controller port on the console and these are battery-powered. USB game controllers could also be connect to a computer with a USB port. But, now we also have wireless game controllers which work on Bluetooth technology and this helps to multiply our gaming experience.

How to hold a controller

If you are a fan of games then it is important to understand the process to hold the game controller. The process to control the game is very easy. Sure, mouse and keyboard is the one true way to play an FPS, but sometimes when you are playing a platformer or a racing game or multiplayer fighting game then Keyboard control is not good.

The best way to hold the game controller is through claws. Just put your claws on both sides of the controller and then put your index finger of both wrists on the top buttons and your thumbs of both hands on the move button.

Put your right hand on the side where you see X, square, and circle, and put your left hand on the navigation menu. After that keep in mind that if you control LT and RT buttons with index figures and square, X, a circle with the right thumb and navigation button on the left-hand side with the left thumb. Then this is the right way to carry a controller and if you are able to control your game controller in this way then you able to play any game in a very interesting way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do you hold the PS4 controller?

If you want to control PS4 controller then carry the controller in such a way that the right wrist carries the side of the square, triangle, circle, and your left wrist carries the navigation buttons.

First, you have to set your right index finger on RT and LT key and the left index fingure on the left LT and RT key. After that put your both tumb on the moveable joystick key and then start the game your fingre will automatically find the right path to play the game comfortablly.

  • How are you meant to hold a Xbox controller?

The Xbox controller is also very similar to ps4 controller and you have to set it in your hand in such a way that your fingers should lay on top of the bumper to get the triggers.


If you read all the information given above then I think you read this article and understand about the right way to carry the game controller of different gaming devices. If this article provides you complete information about holding controller then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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