Best and Unique Battle Royale Games like Fortnite

Battle Royale games like Fortnite

If you like playing Fortnite and want to play more games like this then you are at the right place.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the most famous and best battle Royale games that you can play with friends.

I am not going to name the most common games like PUBG, or Valorent that is known to all.

We will list out some of the most under rated games that are best but didn’t get enough recognition.

There are great in their own way, just give them a try by taking a break from Fortnite.

  1. Call duty – black ops 4
  2. Dying light: bad blood
  3. Minecraft Survival Games

Call of Duty

This game is unique in its way. From single player to multiplayer to survival battle Royale this game has everything.

Call of duty is a very popular game because of its amazing story line and multiple parts.

But its battle Royale mode is not known to all as it is not so famous and well known.

Apart from battle Royale mode it also has zombie mode in which you will find two different story mode to follow.

If you love story mode you won’t regret downloading and playing this game.

Dying light’s bad Blood

The mission is simple. Get down there, gather blood sample, and get to the extraction to get extracted by helicopter safely.

Sounds simple right? Well it’s not that simple actually. You will have to gather resources first and then fight with zombies.

The main objective is to collect blood sample from zombies and get it back to the helicopter.

If you fail to get the sample from zombies you have an alternative way of getting it from other players.

You can either persuade them to give you or you can just kill them to get it. The last one to have the vile of sample with him will be able to win this game.

If you love to play best battle Royale games like Fortnite then you must check out this amazing game once.

Minecraft Survival Game

A lots of players don’t play Minecraft because they think Minecraft is all about building amazing houses monuments and other things.

But there is more to Minecraft then you think. If you go into survival mode you will know the real challenge of surviving the night.

If you don’t play well you won’t be able to survive the night by defeating powerful zombies.

But once you get the hang of this game you will love playing it.

So without any delay go download these best battle Royale games and try surviving.

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