Top GTA 5 Cool Outfits That Look Awesome  

GTA 5 has so many things inside the game for the players. This game has always taken hubris in terms of GTA 5 characters that are highly customized by the developers. When we talk about GTA 5: San Andreas, this version allows GTA 5 players to make changes in the muscles and fat of the characters that they are using for the match. Get the list of GTA 5 Cool Outfits for your character.   

GTA 5 Cool Outfits

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the Grand Theft Auto game. GTA 5 is specially made up to make changes in the several clothing choices for some characters like Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and all other GTA 5 characters that are available online. You can easily change their jackets, pants and also headwear. Look at the list of top 5 Cool GTA 5 Outfits that you can try for your GTA 5 characters.   

List of Cool GTA 5 Outfits 

1- John Wick Outfit  

This idea to launch this character in GTA 5 came from the popular movie of John Wick which was released in the 2010s. John Wick is a popular Hollywood actor and he wore a bold black in the movie. In GTA 5, players will get the same outfits for John Wick’s in-game character.   

List of Pieces of Clothing for John Wick  

Black Regular Suit Pants  

Smooth Fitted Jacket in Black  

Black Fitted Suit Vest  

Black Skinny Tie  

All-Black Oxfords  

2- Reaper Outfit  

When it comes to Reaper Outfit, you will get the street hip-hop person look that will give you the gothic vibe. Undoubtedly, this outfit is really attractive and stylish.   

List of Pieces of Clothing for Reaper Outfit  

Black Blaugeurs Hoodie  

White Camo Plate Carrier  

Urban Cargo Pants  

White Plain Hi Tops  

White Cotton Gloves  

Black Skull Neck Gaiter  

3- Tommy Vercetti Outfit  

This costume is giving tribute to the MCs that were the most iconic of the Grand Theft Auto game. You will get the Miami Vice vibe when you are using this outfit for your character.   

List of Pieces of Clothing for Tommy Vercetti Outfit  

Blue Savanna Shortsleeve  

Faded Dark Blue Regular Fit Jeans  

White Plain Hi Tops  

Gold Crowex Chromosphere  

4- Kanye West Outfit  

The idea to introduce this character in GTA 5 came from the popular Hip-hop artist of Hollywood. In his ways of living, he is also a fashion iconic. He loves to experiment when it comes to clothing style.   

List of Pieces of Clothing for Kanye West Outfit  

Knife After Dark T-Shirt  

Classic Faded Low Crotch Jeans  

Pearl Plain Hi Tops  

Green Flight Bomber Jacket  

5- Formal Outfit  

This outfit is one of the classy outfits of the Grand Theft Auto game. Formal Outfit will give you a high-class vibe. You will get the rich businessman to look by this outfit.   

List of Pieces of Clothing for Formal Outfit  

Black Perseus Fitted Suit Jacket  

Highland High Roller Shirt  

Tan Slip Ons  

White Regular Suit Pants  

These are the 5 cool GTA 5 Outfits that GTA 5 players can try to get something unique and amazing for their characters. Pick one of the outfits and get the impressive look to your character. 

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