Best Cricket Games For PC  

If you are a cricket lover and you are missing playing the game along with your friends just because of this Pandemic then you don’t need to be upset from today. We have been brought you some Best Cricket Game for PC by which you will be able to enjoy even at your home comfort.   

Best Cricket Game for PC

A cricket game can be the inspiration for so many players around the world and yeah! Many crickets have been the inspiration for the youth. Although, just because of the pandemic, many players are not able to go outside for playing cricket along with their friends. There are some Best Cricket Games for PC for cricket lovers that will give you a real-like experience even at your home.   

Those, who want to be the international level cricketer then don’t need to be disappointed. You can get the mentioned application by which you can practice well and will be able to improve your gaming skills. Read the list of best cricket games for pc given below. 

List of Best Cricket Game for PC  

1- Ashes Cricket (2017)  

The Ashes Cricket game launched three years ago to deliver the tribute to the Ashes Cricket Series. When you are using this platform then you will be able to see both male and female in-game characters that you can pick to build the team. You will get both England and Australia teams and it will be up to you whether you want to go with Australia or England.   

2- Cricket Revolution  

This Cricket Revolution game has an amazing feature in which it supports both single and multiplayer modes. Via Local area network or with your mobile network, you can easily play this game without any hassle. You can invite your friends to play along in this game.   

3- Cricket Captain 2020  

This game is obviously in the third position on our games list but this game is at the top of the list of best cricket games in the entire world. You will get the two modes in this game to play. If you want to play individually then you can select the individual one otherwise you can choose the multiplayer mode. If you are in multiplayer mode and you have a weak player in your team that is spoiling the whole match then you can easily switch to the individual one without any trouble.   

4- International Test Cricket  

If you are looking for a cricket game that looks at the management of the game especially then you can choose this International Test Cricket game for your need. This game focus on the management of the game first. You can build up your team in this game and can perform in the international test Cricket.   

5- Cricket 19  

In this game, you just need to have a good gaming experience. This game has supported all the formats. When it comes to this game, you can be able to try out the scenario mode also.   

These are the Best Cricket Game for PC that you can try out to play along with your friends even at your home. These games will give you a realistic experience even in this pandemic. 

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