Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival Islands  

The survival mode is probably not the famous one in today’s generation but it has attracted a lot of popularity of its own. Minecraft survival mods can be very simple when it comes to playing but it is supported with all the requirements that you will need to have fun while playing. Through the Minecraft game, the players will be able to get several modes that they can choose such as; Simple Survival mode and also Hardcore survival mode. Through the gaming journey, Minecraft players will need to go through many challenges that will lead them to victory. Get top 5 Minecraft Island Seeds to get the extreme survival experience. 

Minecraft Island Seeds

The survival Island contained the periodic theme in the gameplay of Minecraft. Most Minecraft players have to wish to play with their castaway fantasy in which they want to start the game solo and can get so many items throughout the gaming journey. If you are looking for something amazing for your fantasies then you should check out the seeds that I have mentioned below.   

5 Best Minecraft Seeds  

1- Jungle Island  

Jungle Island is a seed of Minecraft that can be the better option for those who are looking for extreme survival gameplay. This seed will give you the starting point on a medium-sized island that has a rattling jungle. Through the trees, you will be able to build up the shelter and also cave. You will also be able to get sufficient resources easily. The seed code of Jungle Island is 05020703.   

2- Starting Big  

For the Minecraft players who are looking for getting the whole experience as a survival then this seed will be the best option for you. You can experience so many things with this seed but you will be unable to get extreme challenges. You will get the starting point near the ice biome on this seed of Minecraft. The seed code of Starting Big is 222843114633453212.   

3- Survival Island along with Ocean Monument  

This seed of Minecraft will give you the most adventurous experience as a survival. You will be dropped on a couple of islands. Throughout the journey on this seed, you will get to see the monument situated at the coast of the submerged ocean. The seed code of Ocean monument seed is 9191030541317174164.   

4- Small Island  

This seed of Minecraft will be the best choice for adventure seekers. You will be going to face so many extreme challenges while playing the game into this small island seed. Players will be landed on a small island that is supported with few trees along with one cave only. You will need to work hard to obtain sufficient resources in this seed. The seed code of Small Island is 5892019018549367076.  

5-Islands and Shipwrecks  

You will get the realistic Minecraft island Seeds along with so many survival challenges that will give you multiple shipwrecks over the coastline. You will land on a couple of islands where you will get to see about 5 to 6 shipwrecks at the coastline. The seed code of Islands and Shipwrecks is 5313077666817127470.    


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