Get Weapon Master Title In PUBG Mobile

The weapon master is one of the crucial legendary titles in PUBG mobile after the chicken master or on a mission. If any players want to unlock this title then they need to have advanced skills rather than a beginner player. 

If you are not aware of weapon master then in today’s article we will guide you that how can you get the weapon master title in PUBG. 

Weapon Master
Created By PUBG Mobile

Titles- What does it mean?

Titles square measure one of the foremost sought-after achievements in PUBG Mobile, except for a high rank. The battle royale game for automaton and iOS presents players with 9 “Glorious Moments” titles ranging from “Well Liked” to “Chicken skilled.” These 9 titles show informed your profile and square measure displayed aboard your name among the friends’ list and thru the matchmaking screen.

Among these titles, one amongst the toughest ones to urge is that the “Weapon Master.” This additionally makes it one of the foremost honourable titles to brighten your profile with.

Under this title, the mission to achieve a chicken dinner and kill the opponents’ enemies with the help of weapons are the best part of this title.

PUBG Mobile game has become the world’s top-rated game that is not the only favourite among children but also prefer by youths. Tencent and Krafton make this game with the help of advanced graphics that makes a different impression during play this game. 

According to an official survey given by the Google Play Store PUBG has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. 

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How to get the weapon title?

A wide range of players across the globe wanted to get the weapon title but still, some are not aware that how they get it. So the basic steps that you have to need to follow are as follows:

  • Players need to kill the opponent enemy with AR Gun.
  • Use the second gun that name is SMG Gun.
  • KIll enemy with snipper Gun.
  • KIll enemy with throwables Grenades.

There area unit some offline players in each match who land at the top of the landing location of the map. therefore the player can get to land at the last with them. when marking the placement of offline players or bots simply head to the closest building wherever it’ll be simple to seek out a firearm or bomb. 

Then go close to the offline players and kill one with a firearm and another with a bomb. currently ensuing step is to seek out a vehicle, when realizing one simply ramble close to the placement of offline players and find bots to kill them with a vehicle.

Apart from this, a crucial notice to all the players who are willing to download the weapon master is that players should be lying under the good rank which is platinum or above. 

Although, if any player is unable to achieve a particular rank then game developers provide several tack tics to obtain a good rank for the eligibility to get the weapon master title in PUBG. 

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So any PUBG player who wants to get the weapon title in PUBG and enhance the version of the game after install the additional item can simply get it. 

This weapon master title facilitates all those players who want to play the game with the help of new weapons and the latest maps like the Vikendi map etc. 

For the betterment of the game and make the game graphics more interesting such types of updates are regularly generating from the end of the PUBG software and development team.

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