Google ‘ What is my name? Google Mera Name Kya Hai?

Friends, you must know that Google has become very smart and we can say this with so much confidence because Google keeps all your resume (ie, Google for those who run it well) This is a very good thing if you ask Google (Google Mera Name Kya Hai). So it can tell your name directly, only you should come to Google.

Google ' What is my name?
Google ‘ What is my name?

If you want to talk to Google, then Google will talk to you very well, I am going to tell you a trick that you can only read this article carefully to know that you can do this trick on your phone. And you should set what you are going to tell in your phone.

Google what is my name?

Friends, your full bio-data (Resume) is with Google, but to call your name, you have to tell your name which is your name and you can tell any name to Google, after that whenever you ask your name in google, it will be the same Name will tell what you have told Google, now we will tell you how to tell Google your name

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How to tell Google your name?

Friends, to tell Google your name, Google Assistant has to be installed in your phone, in many phones, Google Assistant app is already provided, so if you want to know if my phone has Google Assistant app or not, then only you If you want to search in the phone’s setting, then if you have these features in your phone then you will see it.

And when it is installed, after you have to turn on the Google assistant app, you can talk to Google as soon as you turn it on and you can tell your name there.

And if you turn on and you ask Google your name without mentioning your name, google will ask itself what your name is, then at that time you should tell your name so that the Google assistant always keeps your name and then you can use Google If you ask your name, he will tell you the same name that you have given to Google Assistant.

But the name you speak will severely reduce that name only when you give permission.

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How to ask your girlfriend’s name from Google?

If you want Google to know the names of our entire family, even the names of my girl friend, then there is a setting in Google Assistant for that, after doing this, you can tell about your entire family to the Google Assistant. This is also a trick of considerable benefit.

What are the features of Google Assistant?

1   friends Google Assistant is such an app in which you can give your full information details and save it and many new new features have come, which you will not know, that is why we will tell you about many features related to Google Assistant. The following is going to be read carefully and use Google Assistant properly.

2  If you want to listen to any poetry from Google Assistant or have some jokes, then you can listen to anything with the help of Google Assistant.

3 The   most amazing thing is that you can message anyone without tuch your phone, all you have to do is to turn on Google Voice and there you have to tell Google message, then Google will ask you who to message and what After sending the message, Google will send the message to the person to whom you want to send it.

 If you want to call someone, then you can call easily, you can call anyone without touching your phone. All you have to do is to say the name of the person in Google Assistant with the person you want to call. You can talk later.

 If you want to know the solution of the weather from Google, then you can easily know that you only have to say in Google that tell the temperature today, Google then in front of you a result of the weather in your weather Will come in front.

 If you have to pass some time then you can easily pass the time in Google Assistant because you can do many things in it, it is very good for you.

 If you take a walk around Google Assistant, then in the coming day you will know about all the features of Google Assistant.

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Friends, in this article today, to know how to ask your name from Google and we will tell you how to ask your name from Google and if you do not have any more questions related to educetion then you can ask me and if you need to Related article has to be read

So, after writing a lot of articles in my website, you can search in my website, if you like any of your questions then plz do a share so that your friends can also know that (Google Mera Name Kya Hai) because we give you a lot of information about it