Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hidden package location

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may seem almost as old-fashioned as the 1980s culture as it parodies and pays homage, but we still got a lot of love about this last-gen gem. Fights with the Forrelli family have been bloodshed and our beloved Tommy Vercetti has ruled Vice City’s champion of organized crime. But what does a kingpin have to do when all his enemies are killed? Follow our guide to find all of Vice City’s hidden packages, unique jump locations, and more. So grab your trendy waffler sunglasses and proudly show off your curly chest hair: it’s time to embark on another Rulecracker retro guide tour. Next stop, GTA: Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto : Hidden Packages (100)
Grand Theft Auto : Hidden Packages (100)

Grand Theft Auto : Hidden Packages (100):

There are 100 hidden packages stashed throughout Vice City. These packages look like statues of green birds; for every 10 collected, a new reward is unlocked. Here is a list of each of the rewards and their corresponding spawning locations once unlocked:

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10 packages: Body armor – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.
20 packages: Chainsaw – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.
30 packages: Colt Python – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.
40 packages: Flame-Thrower – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.
50 packages: PSG-1 Sniper Rifle – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.
60 packages: Minigun – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.
70 packages: Rocket Launcher – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.
80 packages: Sea Sparrow (helicopter) – Vercetti Mansion.
90 packages: Rhino (tank) – Fort Baxter Military Base.
100 packages: Hunter (helicopter) – Fort Baxter Military Base.

Note: Packages found on rooftops typically require a helicopter to reach. Helicopters are found on the second island, which is unlocked after completing several story missions.

Package 1

On top of the southwestern boathouse.

Package 2

On some large rocks jutting out from the water.

Package 3

On the west side of the house nearest the water, just east of package 2.

Package 4

On the lighthouse stairs, south side.

Package 5

In an underground parking garage just east of the docks.

Package 6

Behind the building right next to the water.

Package 7

Under the southern end of the bridge.

Package 8

On the roof of the building.

Package 9

Behind a pink apartment complex, next to the swimming pool.

Package 10

On the backside of the 1102 Washington Street property.

Package 11

On the roof of the DBP Security building. You can use the stairwell in the alley to the north as a jump to reach the rooftop.

Package 12

On one of the lifeguard buildings in the middle of Washington Beach.

Package 13

In a second-floor office in the Washington Beach Police Station.

Package 14

On top of the roof of the building south of the police station — you need a helicopter to reach this package.

Package 15

Southeast corner of the bridge.

Package 16

Near one of the hotel swimming pools, in the middle of the hotel complex.

Package 17

In some outdoor showers in the northwestern section of the hotel complex.

Package 18

Under the south end of the Starfish Island Bridge.

Package 19

Eastern side of the Cuban Mansion on Starfish Island.

Package 20

On the west side of the Cuban Mansion, in a small alley adjacent to the group of pools.

Package 21

On the rear balcony of the house with the ‘R’-shaped pool.

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Package 22

In a small pool by the house east of the last package.

Package 23

By the front door of the house on the northeast corner of Starfish Island.

Package 24

In the alley behind the Spand Express building, near the construction site.

Package 25

On a beam sticking out from the construction site.

Package 26

On the bridge connecting the two parts of the golf course.

Package 27

On the small dock by the buildings just northwest of the construction site.

Package 28

Directly west of the Standing Vice Point building is a small building with turquoise trim. The package is on the roof of that building — you’ll need a helicopter to reach it.

Package 29

In the parking lot of the Malibu Club, across from the building where the last package was located.

Package 30

Near the swimming pool behind the WK Chariot Hotel.

Package 31

On the roof of a building just north of the Malibu Club.

Package 32: Inside this pizza restaurant, just north of the Malibu Club.

Package 33: Behind some stairs of a white building next to the pizza place.

Package 34: On a small island in the middle of a pond on the golf course.

Package 35: A block north of the pizza restaurant is a jewelry store. The package is inside.

Package 36: On the roof of one of the buildings in the central plaza.

Package 37: On the eastern side of the building just northeast of the bridge that leads to the golf course.

Package 38: Under the bridge leading to Leaf Links, on the Leaf Links side.

Package 39: Northwest corner of the golf course.

Package 40: In a fenced garden in the middle of some apartment buildings.

Package 41: On the western side of the driving range at the Leaf Links golf course.

Package 42: On a tiled walkway near a large hotel, just northeast of Leaf Links.

Package 43: On the top of the diving board by the pool of that same hotel.

Package 44: Behind the Jocksport sign on the RC Bandit Dirt Track on the northern section of the beach.

Package 45: Southwest corner of the bridge leading to Prawn Island.

Package 46: Inside the southern end of the North Point Mall there is a store called GASH. The package is located inside this store, on the second level near the store’s escalators.

Package 47: Eastern side of the second level of the North Point Mall, near the doorway of a store.

Package 48: On the east side of the building northwest of the RC Bandit Dirt Track on the beach.

Package 49: In the alley between the two northern entrances to the North Point Mall.

Package 50: On the lowest level of the North Point Mall’s parking garage.

Package 51: In an alley off the eastern road of Prawn Island.

Package 52: On top of a building in the Film Studio on Prawn Island. Requires a helicopter to reach.

Package 53: In a warehouse in the Film Studio.

Package 54: In the abandoned building in the northeast area of Prawn Island, you have to get to the second level and jump down into the hole in the wall (as seen in the screenshot) to reach the package.

Package 55: On the western side of the porch of the house in the northwest side of Prawn Island.

Package 56: Eastern side of the long building just north of the bridge leading into the downtown section of Vice City.

Package 57: Along the northern road in downtown Vice City is a U-shaped building. The package is located next to a statue inside this building.

Package 58: In a grassy alley near the Hyman Condo entrance, just past the Mars Cafe.

Package 59: On the western-most parking lot of the Hyman Memorial Stadium.

Package 60: Down the ramp near the ambulance in the parking lot of the Schuman Health Care Center.

Package 61: On the roof of the VCN building, next to the helipad.

Package 62: Inside the office building. Use stairwell to reach the entrance on the second floor.

Package 63: Behind a generator to the west of the J-shaped building.

Package 64: Northwest corner of the dock area near Phil’s Place.

Package 65: Inside a run-down shed (pictured) in Phil’s Place.

Package 66: In a stairwell found in the alley behind the El Nuevo Siglo Supermarket.

Package 67: Inside a drained pool on the rooftop of a building near Kaufman Cabs (the big yellow building).

Package 68: On the stairwell of a building behind Kaufman Cabs.

Package 69: In the alley behind the Riverside Pavillion restaurant.

Package 70: Near some generators on top of the building just north of the Print Works building.

Package 71: Under the “Life is a Bitch” sign just east of the Print Works building.

Package 72: Inside the Laundromat.

Package 73: Up the ramp on the northern side of the house.

Package 74: Behind the sign of the Fort Baxtor Air Base.

Package 75: Under the plane at the northern-most end of the runway.

Package 76: Behind some billboards near the airport.

Package 77: In an alley across the street from Robina’s Cafe (the blue building).

Package 78: On the Kaufman Cabs billboard.

Package 79: Inside this building.

Package 80: On top of the building. The roof can be reached via stairs.

Package 81: Inside the Car Showroom, second floor.

Package 82: Under the pipe between the large fuel containers.

Package 83: In between the two trailers in the parking lot.

Package 84: Inside the Escobar International Airport, the tunnel leading to gates 1-8 on the second floor.

Package 85: Inside the airport, first floor, western end of the building.

Package 86: On top of the airport.

Package 87: On the western side of the building just west of the airport, near the water.

Package 88: Under a wing of a plane in one of the hangars.

Packages 89 + 90: There is a package on top of and below the southwestern-most plane on the western terminal.

Package 91: On top of the airport’s eastern boarding gate.

Package 92: On top of a hangar east of the previous package.

Package 93: On the helipad in the southeast corner of the airport.

Package 94: On the building with the control tower, just east of the water.

Package 95: Inside a warehouse near the Viceport..

Package 96: In the northwest corner of the Viceport, near a blue building with many garage doors.

Package 97: Near an apartment building on the southeastern road in the Vice City mainland.

Package 98: On the northeastern ship near Viceport, by a shipping container.

Package 99: Under the Vice City Port Authority sign.

Package 100: On the western-most ship in Viceport. You’ll need a helicopter to reach it.