Ground zeroes prisoners – Get full guide to complete this mission in MGS V

Ground zeroes prisoners are the mission in metal gear solid. If you love action games and want to know about Ground zeroes prisoners then I think you understand Metal gear solid video games. You can understand the quality of this game from the words that this game was release in 1998 and is still in the queries of gamers. If you also want to observe this game then before that you need to understand the popular quest which makes this game so popular – ground zeroes prisoners.

Now, in this article, we explain this quest and tell you everything which you need to know if you want to complete this game and for this to stick with this article until the end.

Ground zeroes prisoners

Metal gear solid

Metal gear solid is a popular action role-playing video game that wins lots of hearts after release. This game is a stealth game that was develop by Konami and released for PlayStation in 1998. MSG was developed, published, and written by Hideo Kojima. This game is a copy of the trade war which happened in Japan in 1997.

In this game, a player has to control a snake in which a soldier infiltrates a nuclear weapon whose purpose is to neutralize the terrorist threats. So, if you want to know about Ground zeroes prisoner’s quest in this game then follow all the instructions given below.

Ground zeroes prisoner

After 6 years this company takes a dramatic return which is much to the delight of the Konami series’ passionate fan base. This game gain use popularity among players and the primary mission in Ground zero quest is being with snake drop off by helicopter near the location of a heavily guard base in this bass player has to use binoculars and mark in a meet and kill them on the specific location.

The ground zeroes prisoners player has to put in their mind that this game is wonderful and the way the mission is designed makes the game more exciting. The base is wide open so players can walk in a big area and play according to their comfortability. In this quest, players get markers which help as a guide to hold it while moving to make sure they are on the right path or not.

How to free the prisoner in MSG V

In this metal gear solid 5 the biggest question in ground zeroes prisoners quest is how you can free the prisoners for which you get some specific points below –

There are three guards standard near the prisoner if you choose the risk you are the convenient ways to go back to the refugee camp and this will be the standing point where you can start fighting with those guards.

You can distract the enemy to enter inside the prisoner and open the gate.

Use the helicopter to carry the prisoners from the prison but in this way you have to run your helicopter very carefully so the enemy doesn’t notice you.

These are the easiest way for completing the quest of ground zeroes prisoners. Apart from that, you can also use a direct attack strategy but for this you have to be very strong with all types of weapons so you can kill all guards and open the door of prisoner take them and run away, well this is very tough and not recommended if you are not a pro player.


If you read all the information given below then I think you get complete information about ground zeroes prisoners of metal gear solid 5 keep in mind that this is a very important and popular game which win-loss of her and Ground zero prisoner is also very popular quest which not very tough to complete if this article provides you and provide you enough information to complete this quest then try to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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