GTA 5 Lester Missions – Lester’s Assassination Missions

GTA 5 Lester Missions

In the story mode of the GTA 5 game or you can call it a single-player mode, the player can play the assassination mission like Franklin. The stock market will be affected when you get the hit each time. In this blog, you will be going to know, which hit of yours will affect the stock market. 

Like the other three characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, know the reason for affecting the store so that you can invest in that stock like the other three characters of the Grand Theft Auto Online game. Through GTA 5 Lester missions, you can easily get a chance to get a ton of money. 

Tips And Essential Conditions

If you want to be a part of the assassination missions then you need to wait for the whole day until you get the in-game currency. You should have a great amount when you have completed the campaign and The Big Score. 

Through this way of GTA 5 Lester missions, you can invest the money at the correct thing and then you can be able to earn profit in return for that. If you want to get the amazing characters then you should know the price amount. Each character can be acquired in $40 and $100 million.

Assassination Mission GTA 5 – GTA 5 Lester Missions

Many GTA 5 players found many ways by which they were able to squeeze the money. An assassination mission is one of all the methods of squeezing the money of those players. They also claimed that, through the assassination mission, they squeezed some amount of money. 

Prepare Stock Decrease

You need to keep completing everything necessary until the end of the Hotel Assassination mission. During this, you need to remember to complete the Blitz Play. Complete the hotel assassination first then you need to complete the Blitz play. 

Try to control the Michael character when you start the Blitz play. Michael Is a key that is the default. You need to play until Michael drops the envelope to Devin Weston. After this, you need to turn into Franklin. 

You will get the Franklin at the gateway car and you can easily drive to Michael to complete the recovery mission that way. After completing the first recovery mission, you need to turn into Trevor to complete the second recovery mission. before going further, you need to sell all your Betta Pharmaceuticals stock but try not to buy the Bilkington. 

Wait Until the Stock Decrease

You just need to play normally as usual until the stock gets decreases. Try to meet up with Trevor so that you can take Franklin to Michael’s house for the Hijacking mission and much more. 

Time to Invest in GTA 5 Lester Missions

Bilkington stock can be at the minimum at this point. If you were successful then all the three characters will have $400,000. If you use this to buy the cheap Bilkington stock then the final assassination pay-out will be going to be boosted by $16,000,000 at the end of the game.

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