Where to Find GTA 5 Peyote Locations?

GTA 5 peyote locations

If you want to start the game with your animal form so in this blog, you will be going to get the GTA 5 peyote locations. If you want to know the GTA 5 peyote locations then you need to read the whole GTA 5 Peyote locations blog until it’s over.

You will find various Grand Theft Auto 5 that can turn into animals with amazing powers. There is a total of 27 available maps in which you need to find one. Finding one is very difficult as you know. These maps are dispersed all over the world in which you need to find the desired one. 

If you want to turn yourself into any sort of animal then you need to eat this GTA 5 Peyote plant. When you eat this plant then you will immediately turn into an animal. By the new body of an animal, you will get so many powers that will let you roam around. This new body can be the cause of big damage as it has amazing powers. 

Turning into the desired animal is not in your hand. When you eat the plant, you will be converted into any sort of animal. It could be a bird, a cat, a dog, or any kind of sea creature that you see in GTA 5. you will not be going to get the choice initially.

these plants are making different noises by which you can be able to identify. Through the noises of the plants, you can get the clue. you need to remember that each layout plant has a one-shot deal so that means you can’t go back on a second time. Until you have collected them all, you can’t go back on a second time. So, collect all the GTA 5 peyote plants so that you can get a good backup and can return to your previous place quickly. Read below for further information and GTA 5 peyote locations.

Locations where you will Get GTA 5 peyote plant

Mount Chiliad

At the top of Mount Chiliad, you need to look at the pair of red flags. 

Chamberlain Hills/ La Puerta

You need to first find out the chamberlain hills. When you will reach the chamberlain hills then you need to find out the baseball ground in which you will get trees. Here you will get the peyote plants

Raton Canyon

This is a rocky outcrop so you need a helicopter to reach the top of the Raton Canyon. When you reach there then you need to get into the middle where you can find the peyote plant. 

Mount Gordo – GTA 5 peyote locations

When you reach Mount Gordo then you will need to find out the trees by the lake. When you find out those trees the look at the base where you will get the Peyote.

Los Santos International Airport

At the back of the Los Santos International Airport, you will need to look at the side of the wrecked bus and forklift. 

So, these are some locations of peyote where you can find out the peyote easily. Peyote is a plant that you need to eat if you want to convert yourself into any sort of animal. Converting into an animal can give you the power of an animal too. Collect the peyote by finding out all those locations and get an amazing power.

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