GTA 5 Treasure Hunt locations

gta 5 Treasure Hunt

GTA 5 is a game that is full of excitement and amazing twists and turns. You have never tried this game, then you must have to play even at once. The Grand Theft Auto game, you will be able to avail yourself of so many amazing things from the incredible ways to the incredible car race. 

In this Grand Theft Auto game, you will be going to face several tasks in which the most amazing task is Doomsday Heist, gta 5 Treasure Hunt. In this task, Grand Theft Auto player will get a chance to win a double-action revolver. This double-action revolver is plated with gold which is an amazing treasure. You will get this treasure from the Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Find Treasure Hunt Locations and Win the Task

If you want to win this task and if you want to win this treasure then you need to do one thing first. To get this treasure, you need to find out all the hidden clues that you will get across the Los Santos. You will get a total of 20 clues that are hidden near San Andreas County. Finding the clues will going to be more difficult for you. 

Previously, it was difficult to find out the clues for the Grand Theft Auto players. Today the players don’t need to be worried about finding the clues. Fortunately, I have got some locations from where you can easily find the clues for a gta 5 treasure hunt. 

Locations for Treasure Hunt in GTA 5

There are a total of 20 of the total locations in I am going to tell you 10 in those locations in this blog. If you want the locations to get the clues for the treasure hunt then you need to read out all the information given below. 

Location-1 you will be going to get the clue over the pillars that are supporting the Del Perro Pier.

Location-2 you need to look up over the bridge at Cassidy Creek from the hills. Here the chances are more that you will easily get the clue. 

Location-3 Near Cassidy Creek, you will get the river bank. At the riverbank, you will get to see the trees where you need to look upon the base. Look up at the base where you will get the clue for the treasure hunt. 

Location-4 Search for the Galileo Observatory where you will get the Baytree Canyon Poster. At the Baytree Canyon Poster, you will get the clue easily. 

Location-5 in the Pacific Bluffs Graveyard, you will get Tombstones where you will get the Clue.

Location-6 At the Tongva Hills area, you will get a bridge near the vineyards. Get the treasure clue with the help of this location. 

Location-7 you will get the clue at the small fisherman’s wharf.

Location-8 In Hill Valley Church Graveyard, you will find the clue on the tombstone.

Location-9 Get to the Rock on the beach of the Plamer-Taylor power station. 

Location-10 Near the Alamo Sea, you will get the rock near the broken boat. 

So, these are the top location where you can find out the treasure clues. If you want a treasure hunt then you need to read out all these locations carefully. Read all the locations and be the best player.

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