GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC & Android

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas, contains GTA San Andreas cheats that grant you super-player powers and game abilities. The game features a cheat code for almost everything, from spawning a helicopter to giving the player almost infinite health status or super updgraded weapons.

In this blog, we will discuss the GTA San Andreas cheats for PC & mobile phone and how to utilise GTA San Andreas cheats on PC and mobile phones. So, without any delay, here are the GTA San Andreas cheat codes for PC.

Here are the GTA San Andreas PC cheat codes, a complete list:

  1. Spawn Tanker Truck: AMOMHRER
  2. Spawn Monster Ride: MONSTERMASH
  3. Spawn Hydra: JUMPJET
  4. Get a chopper: OHDUDE
  5. Jetpack: ROCKETMAN
  6. Spawn Racecar: VROCKPOKEY
  7. Spawn Dozer: ITSALLBULL
  9. Spawn a Quad bike: FOURWHEELFUN
  10. Spawn a Racecar: VPJTQWV
  11. Spawn Rhino: AIWPRTON
  12. Spawn Stunt Plane: FLYINGTOSTUNT
  13. Spawn Cadillac: RZHSUEW
  14. Spawn Bloodring Banger: CQZIJMB
  15. Infinite Ammo: FULLCLIP
  16. Infinite Oxygen: CVWKXAM
  17. Lung Capacity Maxed: CVWKXAM
  18. Spawn Rancher: JQNTDMH
  19. Spawn Hovercraft: KGGGDKP
  20. Spawn Romero: WHERESTHEFUNERAL
  21. Spawn Garbage Truck: TRUEGRIME
  22. Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car: HESOYAM
  23. Infinite Health: BAGUVIX
  24. Wanted Level Cleared: ASNAEB
  25. Wanted Level Maxed: BRINGITON
  26. Wanted Level + 2: OSRBLHH
  27. Wanted Level Never Increases: AEZAKMI
  28. Weapons 1, Grunt: LXGIWYL
  29. Weapons 2, Surgeon: PROFESSIONALSKIT
  30. Weapons 3, Berserker: UZUMYMW
  31. Peds Attack (Rockets): BGLUAWML
  32. Peds Attack Each Other: AJLOJYQY
  33. You are Hunted: BAGOWPG
  34. Parachute: AIYPWZQP
  35. Muscle Maxed: BUFFMEUP
  36. Fatty: BTCDBCB
  37. Skinny: KVGYZQK
  38. Sexiness Maxed: HELLOLADIES
  39. Attract Women: BEKKNQV
  40. Respect Maxed: WORSHIPME
  41. Vehicle Skills Maxed: NATURALTALENT
  42. Thunderstorm: SCOTTISHSUMMER
  43. Rainy Weather: AUIFRVQS
  44. Foggy Weather: CFVFGMJ
  45. Cloudy Weather: ALNSFMZO
  47. Rural Theme: BMTPWHR
  48. Ninja Theme: NINJATOWN
  49. Eternal Midnight: NIGHTPROWLER
  50. 00:00 to 12:00: XJVSNAJ
  51. 21:00: OFVIAC
  52. Sandstorm: CWJXUOC
  53. Sunny Weather: PLEASANTLYWARM
  54. Super Sunny Weather: TOODAMNHOT
  55. Invisible Car: WHEELSONLYPLEASE
  56. Flying Cars: RIPAZHA
  57. Recruit Anyone (9mm): SJMAHPE
  58. Recruit Anyone (Rockets): ROCKETMAYHEM
  59. Green Light Traffic: ZEIIVG
  60. All Cars Nitrous Powered: SPEEDFREAK
  61. Float away on impact: BUBBLECARS
  62. Flying Boats: FLYINGFISH
  63. Gangs Rule the Streets: BIFBUZZ
  64. Hitman Stat Level: PROFESSIONALKILLER
  65. Awesome Handling: STICKLIKEGLUE
  66. Aggressive Traffic: YLTEICZ
  67. Reduced Traffic: GHOSTTOWN
  68. Sweet Ride Car Traffic: EVERYONEISRICH
  69. O.S. Car Traffic: EVERYONEISPOOR
  70. Cars Explode: CPKTNWT
  71. Nitrous Taxis: VKYPQCF
  73. Stormy Weather: BLUESUEDESHOES
  74. Country Traffic: FVTMNBZ
  75. Pink Traffic: LLQPFBN
  76. Black Traffic: IOWDLAC
  77. Fast Clock: YSOHNUL
  78. Faster gameplay: SPEEDITUP
  79. Slower gameplay: SLOWITDOWN
  80. Giant BMX Hop: CJPHONEHOME
  81. Super Jump: KANGAROO
  82. Beach Rave: CIKGCGX
  83. Kinky Theme: BEKKNQV
  84. Adrenal Mode: MUNASEF
  85. Riot Mode: IOJUFZN
  86. Smash N’ Boom: JCNRUAD
  87. Gang Members Everywhere: ONLYHOMIESALLOWED
  88. Armed Peds: FOOOXFT
  89. Funhouse Theme: PRIEBJ
  90. Carnival Theme: CRAZYTOWN

Steps to apply GTA San Andreas Cheats on PC

  1. Save the game first before using GTA San Andreas cheats on PC.
  2. Return to your desk and type in the cheat code.
  3. The code will be activated immediately.

How to Apply Cheats for GTA San Andreas on Android phones

For mobile are almost identical to those for PC the codes cannot be entered directly into the gameplay. You will need a third-party keyboard, such as Hacker’s Keyboard. For iPhone users, this won’t work.

• Download ‘Hacker’s Keyboard’ on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store to utilise GTA San Andreas cheat codes on your phone.

• Enable persistent notification of the keyboard from the phone’s App settings.

• After that, open the game on your smartphone and enter the GTA San Andreas cheat codes using the keyboard.

GTA San Andreas cheats PDF can also be downloaded to access GTA cheats while offline.

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