GTA San Andreas Cheats to use on PC

GTA San Andreas Cheats

Grand Theft Auto SA is one of Rockstar Games’ most popular titles. The game was released in October 2004 and has since gained popularity among gamers worldwide. Are you searching for the GTA San Andreas Cheats that you can use on a PC? Check out this guide and collect the cheats to enjoy the game.

More than a decade after its release, the nostalgic game still provides plenty of entertainment, owing primarily to the ability to use cheat codes to gain an advantage. You can add weapons, tanks, jetpacks, supercars, bikes, and other items using cheat codes. In this blog, you will get many GTA San Andreas Cheats that you can use on a PC. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a new or experienced Grand Theft Auto SA player looking for a list of cheats to make your gameplay more enjoyable. We have compiled a list of cheat codes for GTA San Andreas PC that will assist you in playing the game. Furthermore, we have compiled a list of the best cheats available for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Sony PlayStation. So, without further ado, check out the list given in this post. 

How to Enter GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes on PC and Laptop 

GTA San Andreas Cheats

To make your gameplay more enjoyable, follow the steps outlined below to enter cheat codes into your PC. By following the given steps, you will be able to avail yourself of the additional features of your game.  

Step-1 Before using the cheats, save the game. 

Step-2 Enter any cheat code from the list below. 

Step-3 To use the cheat, enter it while playing without pausing the game. 

Step-4 A small pop-up will appear indicating that the cheat has been activated. 

Step-5 If the pop-up does not appear, repeat the process until the cheat is activated. 

GTA San Andreas: Complete Cheat Codes List for PC and Laptop 

The following is a complete list of GTA San Andreas cheat codes for PC. 

1- BAGUVIX for Infinite Health 

2- FULLCLIP for Infinite Ammo 

3- CVWKXAM for Infinite Oxygen 


5- BLUESUEDESHOES for Elvis has entered the building 

6- YSOHNUL for Fast Clock 

7- SPEEDITUP for Faster gameplay 

8- SLOWITDOWN for Slower gameplay 

9- CJPHONEHOME for Giant BMX Hop 

10- KANGAROO for Super Jump 

11- CIKGCGX for Beach Rave 

12- PRIEBJ for Funhouse Theme 

13- BEKKNQV for Kinky Theme 

14- CRAZYTOWN for Carnival Theme 

15- MUNASEF for Adrenal Mode 

16- IOJUFZN for Riot Mode 

17- JCNRUAD for Smash N’ Boom 

18- ONLYHOMIESALLOWED for Gang Members Everywhere 

19- FOOOXFT for Armed Peds 

20- BGLUAWML for Peds Attack (Rockets) 

21- AJLOJYQY for Peds Attack Each Other 

22- BAGOWPG for Your are Hunted 

23- AIYPWZQP for Parachute 

24- BUFFMEUP for Muscle Maxed 

25- BTCDBCB for Fatty 

26- KVGYZQK for Skinny 

27- HELLOLADIES for Sexiness Maxed 

28- BEKKNQV for Slut Magnet 

29- WORSHIPME for Respect Maxed 

30- CVWKXAM for Lung Capacity Maxed 

31- NATURALTALENT for Vehicle Skills Maxed 

32- BRINGITON for Wanted Level Maxed 

33- ROCKETMAN for Jetpack 


35- AEZAKMI for Wanted Level Never Increases 

So, these are many GTA San Andreas Cheats that you can use on a PC. If you are not a PC user and using some other device then also you can obtain the cheats by just visiting the browsing application. For Android and iOS users, the cheats can be utilized without any sort of issue.

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