How you Can Find The Treasure Hunt in GTA 5  

Treasure Hunt in GTA 5

Rockstar returned to their previous diversion With the release of Ruddy Dead Recovery 2, and included a modern treasure hunt mission, allowing players to investigate GTA Online to gain prizes in both games, including an elite weapon variation. We’ll show you where you can find this treasure and what you can expect. Get the guide with detailed instructions on how to complete the Treasure Hunt in GTA 5. Read all of the information provided.

Guide to Unlock Double Action Revolver For Treasure Hunt in GTA 5  

The Treasure Hunt Journey can only be done once, and it should be very clear when it begins. You’ll receive an unusual e-mail on your phone from, with a dark and white photo and the words “Utilize the photo in this e-mail to recognize the location of the treasure.”

” There’s no title attached, but I’m guessing Dutch is sending us on bring journeys from beyond the grave…?” In any case, simply opening the e-mail and inspecting the image should kick off this minor side mission. Keep in mind that if you stop the diversion at any point, you will have to restart it from the beginning.

Following Photo Within the Email  

Each player is required to create a unique image, with twenty distinct locations for the treasure to be in. However, there are two factors in the player’s favour: first, the amusement gives you a rough outline area to look in, narrowing it down significantly, and second, what you’re looking for – a white sheet of paper – isn’t that difficult to discover, as a rule, shown with a few conspicuousness and certainly not hidden.

The photo was not taken from the perspective of the treasure, so you will be searching the area within the photo rather than the location where the photo was taken. Look around for the obvious white flicker of paper, which is usually hanging somewhere rather than on the floor.

Searching the Note  

The paper you’re reading tells a terrible story about how the enigma treasure turned the proprietors against each other and someone decided to stow it away in an unusual location. However, reading the paper highlights three fixed focuses over the world outline, all of which contain clues that will lead you to the treasure’s location.

Three Clues  

There are three items to find that will lead you to the treasure’s location: a box in which the treasure was previously stored, the carcass of a previous owner, and the scoop used to murder them. They don’t have to be in any particular order, so use them as you see fit.

Searching for the Box  

On the Western side of the street, look beneath a large tree with broken bark for an open box with a space for a gun. The box is the first Northerly clue, with the highlighted range appearing on a stretch of the road among farmland in Grapeseed. To investigate, walk up to it and press right on the D-Pad, stamping off the primary clue.

Searching for the Shovel  

The shovel is inside the shattered skeleton of a house on Sandy Shores’ shoreline, which leads to the “Alamo Ocean” lake. Walk up to the wrecked house to find an or possibly comfortable-looking green rocker – the scoop, caked in blood, is lying next to that. Approach it and examine it by pressing right on the D-Pad, stamping off the moment clue.

Searching the Corps  

The body is located on the western side of the outline in Tongva Slopes. Within the zone, there is a cliff with a cave that is partially hidden by greenery. When you find the cave, you should be able to see the body inside, which is dressed in boots and clothing. Approach it and press right on the D-Pad to explore, completing the final clue and revealing the location of the treasure on the map.

Claiming the Treasure  

Do not be concern about covetous family members – arriving at the caravan stamped on the outline reveals that they all slaughtered each other not long ago, taking off that delicious treasure to be claimed in a wooden box at the caravan’s head. Approach it and press right on the D-Pad one last time to claim your reward: a fantastic double-action pistol. It, too, introduces a modern challenge for a far greater reward.

Guide to Beat the Challenge by Double-Action Revolver  

When you claim the gun, a challenge appears: get 50 headshots with that pistol and you’ll get $250,000 for GTA Online and the select brilliant variant of the weapon in Ruddy Dead Recovery 2, assuming both diversions are linked to the same Rockstar Social account.

It’s a lovely strong remuneration for a not-too-difficult challenge, so we recommend doing group battles and heists with a portion of combat included. Alternatively, invite a friend to join you in the game and take turns blowing each other’s heads off. You’ll both have a quarter-million dollars for your pain and suffering sometime soon. So, that’s all the information you need to know before embarking on the Treasure Hunt in GTA 5.

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