Guide To Fix The WOW51900101 Error

Since its release on August 26, World of Warcraft Classic has dominated Twitch and the gaming world. Plenty of top streamers have ditched the titles they play on a daily basis and jumped headfirst into Blizzard’s mega-popular MMO.

While it has, so far, been extremely successful, the online title has not been without it’s faults. Players have noted incredible wait times and randomly disconnecting – leading you right back into that insane queue to log in. Those random disconnects have reared their heads with a new issue – error code WOW51900101 – but there is a way to fix it.

If you run into error WoW51900101, get disconnected and are left without a way to get back into your server of choice, do not panic. 

The World of Warcraft Classic or WoW Classic has launched surprisingly smoothly, despite the widespread influx of newboks.

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So far Blizzard Entertainment’s game server has been easily sailing. But, some error codes are disrupting the gaming experience of players.


The error with code 51900101, or WOW51900101 in the game is disconnecting many players. This stops the gaming client, thus ruining this excellent classic experience. I know this error may sound scary, but this mess is relatively easy to fix.

Fix WOW51900101: Method

The most reliable and fastest way to resolve this WOW51900101 error is by removing the cache folder of your WOW game. By doing this you will reset the UI (user interface), keybinding and addon. This should fix the error, reverting the game to the default settings.

If you still want to keep your game settings, you’ll need to do a little preparation before deleting the cache folder. Just go to your game settings and take some screenshots to record your latest settings. With these, you can set everything the same way before you go to fix it.

Once you are all ready, go to the WOW folder, select “classic“, then right-click the folder “Cache”. Then, choose “Delete” or you can manually move it to the trash. The will automatically replace that cache folder with a new one; Now WOW51900101 should be resolved.

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Fix WOW51900101: Optional

If this method does not work for you, then the source of your error may come from your IPS (Internet Service Provider). Or it could be that your firewall is blocking game access to the Internet.

To overcome that, try fixing or troubleshooting an Internet connection. Additionally, temporarily disable the firewall. If all of that still doesn’t work, ask Blizzard for help.

Fix WOW51900101

The most successful way to rectify this is to delete your WoW Classic cache file. This file contains all your key binds and user interface choices so you’ll need to make a note of those before doing so as it may take some time to get everything back in order once you’ve fixed the problem.

Once you’ve got everything memorized, head to your World of Warcraft folder within your PC, find Classic, then locate Cache and delete it. 

After you’ve done that, a fresh Cache folder will replace what you had before and should be the answer to your problem – just don’t forget to get everything back in place so your game is back to normal.

However, if that method doesn’t quite work for you, there could be a bigger problem with your internet service provider blocking access to the game.

If that might appear to be the case for you, turn off your firewall in security settings and try rebooting the game. 

If that is the root of your problems and you manage to sort it, happy hunting in WoW Classic – provided you survive the long wait queues.