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Like all other popular games, the developers of Minecraft love to release updates every month so that players of Minecraft can enjoy it even more. You will be very happy to know the developer of Minecraft has released a new update recently which is known as Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.0 which is available for Android users.

Minecraft 1.17 Update

You must remember that the Mojang who is the developer of the Minecraft game launched the previous update in 2020 along with the very special features to the game. As usual, you will be going to get the latest additional amazing features in this new update also. Read below to know more.  

This new update is known as the Caves and Cliffs update which is now live for every Minecraft player. If you got bored while having the gameplay in the previous version then you will need to update your gaming application today via Google Play Store. Not only one but the developers has released so many features that you will be going to get this year. The new update of this game is available for the JAVA Edition and also for Android devices.   

List of New Features that Added to the Latest Update  

1- Lush Caves  

While having the gameplay in this latest update, the first thing that you will be going to notice is Lush Caves. Like other caves in the previous updates, this cave will be going to be a little different because this cave is deep and has a big area that is filled with water. In this cave, you will be going to get several kinds of plants. Read the list below to know all the new plants.   

1- Glow berry vines are delicious and generate light.  

2- Particles are emitted by Spore Blossom.  

3- Water lilies that are brand new can be stepped on.  

4- Azaleas are little trees that grow in clusters.  

5- A new species of moss has been discovered.  

The Dripstone Cave is the next stop. This is a site with a lot of stalagmite and stalagmite.  

Mineral structures that grow from the ground are known as a stalagmite. Stalactite is a mineral formation that grows on a cave’s ceiling.  

These formations are extremely deadly since they can inflict immediate damage regardless of whether the player is falling on them or they are falling on him. Please notice that the stalactites leak water, which can be utilized to fill the cauldrons if put beneath the stalactite.  

The generation that has been updated  

Mountains have gotten steeper and higher, ore underground will be formed in groups, and Dried Snow would be introduced whereby the gamer fall. Along with this, the new appearance launched to the Minecraft world.  

Glow squid is a new mob  

These monsters will be discovered in the ocean’s depths as well as in underground caves. Players voted for a new mob during Minecraft Live, and the Glow Squid won.  In the Minecraft universe, there is still another source of light.  

These are the whole information that you will be going to know while using the latest update of Minecraft. Update your gaming application and avail of new features today. 

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