How to Get Missions in GTA 5 with Franklin?   

GTA 5 has a big world that is delivering so many amazing features to its players. There are so many things that are incredible about this game from amazing properties to difficult missions. Every mission has its specialty and its unique way to deliver an amazing gameplay experience to GTA 5 Players. Read the given complete guide that will help you in knowing the method of joining GTA 5 Franklin Missions.

Recently, there are some new features added to this game by the developers but still, some players are searching about How to get GTA 5 Franklin Missions? However, it is not difficult to obtain but players should collect the whole information before going to compete in any mission of GTA 5.  

GTA 5 Franklin Missions

There are so many challenges in GTA 5 game that is offered by the developers but those challenges can be a big hurdle for GTA 5 players. Pro players can compete in them and can go ahead after a few tries but for newbies, it can be a little tough. You guys must have used many characters and properties in GTA 5 but have you ever used all the missions? According to the number of queries on the social platforms, there is a big portion of GTA 5 players who still are unaware of the missions with Franklin. If you are one of them and don’t want to lose anything from GTA 5 then you need to read this whole post.   

The Contract in GTA Online: A way to gain access to Franklin’s missions  

There is more than one method available over the internet to get access to GTA 5 Franklin Missions. let me tell you that there is only one right way that you can try to get the Franklin Mission. If you want to play this mission then you will need to buy the agency building first. Agency buildings are not rare in GTA 5 world. You need to remember that these buildings cannot be obtained in the part of Los Santos. if you want to aim for this then you will need to go across the Los Santos then you will be able to obtain it.   

The purchasing price is not high to purchase the agency building. If you are going to purchase this building then you need to have $2 to $3 million in your account. If you want to track all the locations where you can find the agency buildings in GTA 5 then check out the list given below.   

  • Little Seoul that cost you around $2,010,000  
  • Vespucci Canals that cost you around $2,145,000  
  • Rockford Canals that cost you around $2,415,000  
  • Hawick that cost you around $2,830,000     

You need to remember that there will be no offer for players by developers in these locations. You can choose any of the desired locations from the list. If you are a non-spending player of GTA 5 then try to purchase the Little Seoul because it will cost you lesser in comparison to the other GTA 5 agency buildings locations.   

When you did the purchasing process for this agency building in GTA 5, you will be able to play the Contract DLC missions. Before going to play for Franklin’s Payphone, make sure that you have completed around 3 security contracts missions.   

Check out the list of Payphone Hits that are provided by Franklin-

  • The CEO of Payphone Hits  
  • The Cofounder of Payphone Hits  
  • The Judge of Payphone Hits  
  • The Popstar of Payphone Hits  
  • The Entrepreneur of Payphone Hits  
  • The Dealers of Payphone Hits  
  • The Hitmen of Payphone Hits  
  • The Trolls of Payphone Hits 

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