How to make Jack o Lanterns Minecraft  

Jack o Lanterns in the Minecraft game was introduced in the Minecraft Halloween Special update. This is a pretty interesting carved pumpkin along with a stunning appearance. However, the usage of this thing in the game is different from the real world. In Minecraft game, you can use Jack o Lanterns as the decorative stuff.   

Jack O Lanterns Minecraft

So, what is the uses of Jack o Lanterns and how to make it, these are all the information you will be going to get in the same blog. You just need to pay attention to updating yourself.   

Materials that required to make Jack o Lanterns  

Through Jack o Lanterns, the Minecraft players will be able to produce the light along with that, they will also be able to keep the mobs away from them. To use the Jack o Lanterns, you need to prepare it by yourself and you will need some components to make it complete.   

1- Torch  

2- 1 block of Carved Pumpkin  

These two components are important to have. You need to collect these things then you will be able to proceed with the further.   

You need to place the charcoal or you can use coal along with stick into the 3×3 crafting grid then you will be able to get the torch. Meanwhile, carving the pumpkin for the Jack o Lantern will take too much time. The pumpkin in Minecraft is not the component so you need to make it with a furnace or you can use the crafting table instead of that.   

You need to find out the pumpkin plant in the Minecraft world that will not be going that much difficult. If you are unable to find out the pumpkin plants then you need to explore the Extreme Hills biomes. When you found the pumpkin then dig it up. As pumpkin will disappear into the thin air so fast so you need to dig it quickly. When you got the pumpkin then you need to craft a shear by using two iron ingots.   

Place the pumpkin over the ground but a little close to you. Now use the Hot bar to take out the shear so that you can use it over the pumpkin by left-clicking on the mouse. You need to wait until you can see the marks over the pumpkin. When you got the marks over the pumpkin then it means that the pumpkin is craved successfully. Now dragged it down into the inventory of the recipe of Minecraft.   

Guide to Make Jack o Lanterns in Minecraft  

1- open the crafting table along with the contained ingredients into the inventory.   

2- place the craved pumpkin into the first row of the second cell.   

3- now place the torch underneath the craved pumpkin.   

When you have done with all these steps then you will be able to get the Jack o Lanterns successfully. When you get the Jack o lanterns then dragged them into the inventory. This is a simple guide that you can follow to get Jack o Lantern in Minecraft without any hassle.   

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