How to Make Water-Breathing Potion in Minecraft?  

Breathing Potion in Minecraft

In this intriguing game, there are different things to explore and investigate within the sea. Minecraft allows players to participate in real-life encounters. However, there are other things that are simply impossible to achieve in the real world, such as breathing underwater. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to build a Breathing Potion in Minecraft. 

Guide to Make Breathing Potion   

You want to acquire certain resources and take a few steps to create water-breathing elixirs. This thing’s formation method is a wonderful complex. The Potion enables you to breathe underwater for 3 to 8 minutes. It’s the most well-known manner to inhale and exhale when in the water. 

Materials to make Water-breathing Potion  

  • A water bottle  
  • A nether wart  
  • A pufferfish  
  • One rafting table  
  • One brewing stand  
  • Blaze powder  
  • Redstone  
  • Gunpower  
  • Dragon’s Breath  

Step-by-Step Guide to making Water-breathing Potion  

  • Make a crafting table out of four wood boards. Create a blasting powder with a flaming rod.
  • To manufacture the burst powder, use a burst bar.
  • Place the manufacturing table on the ground and use 3 cobblestones and the burst rod to make the brewing stand.
  • Turn on the brewing machine and go to the brewing menu.
  • Pour the following elixir fixings into the Brewing machine: Burst Powder in the upper-left corner of the box > 3 Water Bottles in the bottom boxes > Under Wart in the top box
  • The Cumbersome Elixir is contained within the water bottles. Then, to make the water-breathing potion, place Pufferfish in the best box.

If you place a Redstone tidy in the top box after this preparation, you will be able to increase the potion’s successful time from 3 minutes to 8 minutes.

Breathe Underwater without Potion  

In any event, there are numerous ways to breathe underwater without using elixirs in Minecraft, including the use of conduit, turtle protective hat, and airlock. The elixir is one of the most common ways to breathe when immersed in this game.

1- Use Conduit  

The conduit is a simple approach to help drowned players breathe. Here’s how to breathe underwater in Minecraft using a conduit.

Conduit Ingredients:

There are 8 Nautilus Shells.

A sailor’s heart.

A table for crafting.

Steps to create Conduit  
  • Go to the wreckage sites to find a treasure map.
  • Open the outline, which is still unfinished.
  • Swim towards the X-marked area and stand next to it.
  • Begin digging to find the treasure chest containing a Heart of the Sea.
  • Then, go find eight nautilus shells from a few that suffocated at sea.
  • To make the Conduit, open the creating table and follow these steps: To make this gadget, place the Heart of the Ocean in the center box and 8 shells around it.
2- Use Turtle Helmet  

Turtle’s instructions for making Breathing Potion in Minecraft are available here. In this diversion, it’s another way to breathe within the water. To obtain five turtle shells from two default turtles, you must breed and feed Minecraft turtles. Hold your breath until these turtles deposit five eggs. Then, by feeding seagrass to 5 juvenile turtles, you can induce 5 adult turtles. Seagrasses can be found in the non-frozen ocean.

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