How to Get Diamonds in GTA Online Casino Heist  

When it comes to making quick money in GTA Online, nothing beats a good old-fashioned heist. Of course, when it comes to committing a robbery, there are other factors to consider, all of which influence the maximum possible payoff.

Diamonds in Casino Heist

There’s one more item to consider when it comes to the Diamond Casino & Resort Heist. Diamonds. Diamond is one of the most advantageous commodities to take during heists (outside of the Cayo Perico Puma Statue). These gleaming jewels are worth significantly more money than cash, artwork, or gold. Underneath, you can see how much more valuable stones pay compared to everything else:

$2,115,000 in cash 

$2,350,000 for artwork

$2,585,000 in gold

$3,619,000 in diamonds

Guide to Obtain Diamonds in GTA Online Casino Heist  

The major difficulty with Jewels is that they aren’t always available as a reward from the vault beneath the casino. They’re a limited-time reward, which means Rockstar will often include and remove them as you see fit. This routinely happens to take following the discharge of an unused occasion week, when the GTA Online Week after week Overhaul happens on a Thursday. For example, Rockstar selected to put them back within the amusement fair for the Valentine-themed occasion week. Indeed, it’s still not guaranteed that you’ll obtain Jewels in the Precious stone Casino Heist at that point.

Opportunities of Obtaining Diamonds  

According to Fantastic Robbery Auto expert, TezFunz2, there is a 15% probability of Jewels appearing within the Casino vault. So, even if Jewels are available, it’s still extremely probable that the vault will only contain Gold, craftsmanship, or plain old cash. When they’re reintroduced, Rockstar will guarantee you’ll always have Diamonds on you, to begin with, but this isn’t a giveaway. If they don’t, here are the percentage values according to TezFunz2:

37 percent in cash

28 percent is attributed to artwork.

Gold is up 18%.

Guide to Obtain Guaranteed Diamonds in GTA Online Casino Heist  

To put it simply, there is no “certain” technique to urge precious stones in GTA Online Casino Heist. That’s because they’ve got to be open from Rockstar, to begin with. In any case, if Rockstar decides to put Jewels in the plunder pool, there is a technique to increase your odds of obtaining Jewels while running the Casino Heist. But first and foremost, you must ensure that you’ve executed the theft in all three distinct ways at some point recently this strategy works.

As a result, you must complete ‘Stealthy,’ ‘The Huge Con,’ and ‘Aggressive.’ The trap effectively comprises halting the heist as soon as you discover the substance of the vault. There is a rather confusing approach, but it includes marking down your web to take off the campaign and after you bring it forth back in it should re-roll the vault’s content. You’ll also avoid having to pay $25,000 every time you cancel. Take a look at the video below from MrBossFTW, or read this Reddit thread for the complete instructions on how to use this hack.

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