Silk Touch Minecraft | Guide to Obtain it  

Silk Touch is undoubtedly the most desirable enchantment in Minecraft game. This game allows the players to learn creativity by using several weapons and tools. The capacity of the tools will increase by using the various enchantments. Enchantments in the game are important because they enhance the power of the tools so that you can make your game easy.   

Silk Touch Minecraft

The silk touch enchantments are one of those enchantments of Minecraft by which the players will be able to gather all the same types of blocks while mining. If you want to get the Silk Touch Minecraft Enchantment in Minecraft then you need to enchant and trade. If you want to enchant then you need to place the bookshelves 1 block away from the enchanting table.   

There is another method by which you can get Silk Touch Enchantments. If you are unable to use the first method then you can get it by trading with the villagers. As a trade, the Minecraft villagers can enchant different items for you.   

Methods to getting Silk Touch Enchantment   


The easiest and quick method to get Silk Touch Minecraft Enchantment in Minecraft is using the command. Use the given command for Silk Touch Enchantment. “/enchant @p silk_touch 1”.  


Do these things to obtain Silk Touch Enchantment in Minecraft:  

1- you need to place the pickaxe on the Enchanting Table.   

2- Check the enchantments for level 30. If this is silk touch enchantment then you need to go further. If this is not the silk touch then you need to go with the level 1 enchantment on a book.   

3- now you need to check the silk touch enchantment on the pick again.   

4- you need to repeat the process again and again until you get the desired Minecraft enchantment.   


Follow the given things to get Silk Touch Enchantment in Minecraft.   

1- you need to go into the village then find the unemployed villager.   

2- keep the lectern near the villager.   

3- the unemployed villager will convert into the librarian.  

4- you will be served the enchanted book trade by that librarian.   

5- you need to avail yourself of that opportunity until you get the silk touch book of Minecraft.   

6- you can also get the silk touch enchantment by breaking of lectern continuously.   

7- if you don’t want the offer then you can reset it.   


1- you need to go for the enchanting table first.   

2- now you need to add the bookshelves wisely.   

3- you need to place the bookshelves one block high to your enchanting table.   

4- if required, you can reset the enchantments.   

5- now you can transfer the enchantment to your slot.   

6- you can drag down the silk touch enchantment into the inventory where you can store it.   

7- now you can finally use this enchantment to play in Minecraft game.   

These all are methods to get Silk Touch Minecraft enchantments in Minecraft by which you will be able to gather the same blocks while mining.   

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