If you have played many missions in Grand Theft Auto Game and are Still curious to know which is the hardest mission to play this year in GTA 5 then you are at the right place. The blog that you are reading right now will be going to give 8 top hardest missions that can give you an amazing and more adventurous experience. Pick one of the given missions and make your days count.  

hardest gta 5 missions

List of Top Hardest GTA 5 Missions 

1- Three Leaf Clover 

hardest gta 5 missions
Three Leaf Clover 

This Mission of GTA 5 entails assisting some British gangsters in stealing information. Almost anything that can go wrong actually goes incorrect, as the kidnappers pull out a handgun and shoot an Irishman, prompting the bank’s alarm to go off. After that, the cops arrive, and all hell blows up. 

It’s an ascension right back to lower floors as well as an adventurous drive to the objective launching point after a chase under the subway as well as a scary operation with some trained NOOSE troops (essentially GTA’s version of SWAT). This Grand Theft Auto 4 escape is nerve-wracking, and it throws some GTA V thefts into disgrace. 

2- The Driver 

hardest gta 5 missions
The Driver 

This game, inspired by Driver, is near as demanding as any PS1 classic, putting Tommy vs a racing maniac in a hastily planned street race. The only problem is that he’s driving a Sabre Turbo while you’re in a basic Protector. 

His automobile too is working as a protector that can protect you from the gunshot of opponents, so dishonest techniques are out of the question, and the only option is to wish that he smashes off the highway and into a signpost. To get over the end zone with this one, you’ll need a lot of resolves. 

3- Supply Lines 

hardest gta 5 missions
Supply Lines

On the surface, it seems very easy to do: CJ must shoot down couriers delivering goods for Oakland, a competing electronics retailer. Nevertheless, flying the RC aircraft through San Fierro’s winding, valley roadways is no easy task. The act of piloting alone is difficult enough but it’s made even more difficult either by the reality that somehow this RC aircraft handles much worse than your commercial jet. 

4- The Exchange Mission 

The Exchange Mission 

After breaking out of a sticky situation, Claude follows Catalina to a dam, where she faces a slew of difficulties, including suicidal vehicles and a flanking aircraft controlled by everyone except Catalina. 

5- Bomb Da Base Act 2 

Bomb Da Base Act 2 

This one increases up the pace, with Claude being tasked with defending 8-Ball (a friendly armaments dealer) as he runs onboard a Cartel-controlled cargo ship to detonate an explosive. Claude can only guard him with a sniper rifle from his vantage point. Perfect for shooters with a lot of experience. For the rest of the world, things aren’t going so well. 

6- Demolition Man 

Demolition Man

Within a time of 7 minutes constraint, 4 bombs must be separately scooped up and transported to numerous places of the target. If that wasn’t terrible enough, being able to get a handle on the keys for the RC aircraft is unbelievably difficult, and all the while, irritated construction site workers are attempting to knock it down or fire it down. 

7- Wrong Side of The Tracks 

Wrong Side of The Tracks

The bike is very simple to tip over on the tracks’ inclines and difficult terrain. Second, Smoke isn’t the best or fastest shooter in the game, making this the most infamous GTA mission ever. 

8- Keep Your Friends Close 

Keep Your Friends Close 

It’s brutally difficult, as any decent last mission, and the Player might hate saving Lance earlier because he’s the hardest task in the game. Sonny Forelli has arrived from Liberty City to collect your money, and his men make a mad sprint for the safe after a failed and a quite hilarious attempt to dupe him with counterfeit currency.

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