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Hardland is a high-quality 3D game. It is full of actionable, adventurous, and interesting. It was made by a development company named mountain sheep on 17 Sept 2019. This is a single-player game, and it requires a 64-bit processor and operating system (Windows 8.1) to play. Steam achievement, full control support is given in this. And Free Steam trading cards are also given.


Hardland game

The game consists of a king named Elder who goes to a hard adventure land called Samarkand in the 1018s. But due to the old age of King, he is becoming weak.

In his Root Court, he is being praised for chasing down the Imps Hard Ogres, creatures with magical powers, as these elusive beasts had torn apart the King of the first decade.

The same pieces are spread in many states even today, and it is believed that those pieces have the power to change history even today, but apart from this, many more efforts are going on.

Here two villain characters are shown in which one is the queen of snow peck, and the other is shadow force. These two need the destruction of the hardland. The queen of snow peck wants the throne of the hardland, and the shadow force has to destroy the hardland.

Hardland is a fantasy adventure and mystery that players have to solve by learning the stories of the different parts of its world and its inhabitants. You’ll look for clues far and wide, and you’ll look inside. The kingdom is full of secrets, and this is the state you want to hear.

How to play Hardland game

To play this game, first prepare yourself for an adventure, because you will experience a lot of adventure in this. In this adventurous world, you have to find clues in many ways so that you will be able to reach those elusive animals. In this, you have many clues as a Dialogue, books, notes, item descriptions; dreams are given. You have to follow them.

No search marker or search log has been given here. You just have to find the important characters here and know about their story. You have a sword which you have to use with care because you will need it at the time of need. The hardland is filled with mysterious things, so don’t miss out on even the smallest things and search everywhere to don’t miss a clue. Some small elements reveal big secrets, so every small element must be checked. Hardland is like a magical world in which many changes keep coming from time to time and according to your activity, so you have to take care and cross it.

Features of hardland game

Unmatched Depths – Explore thriving cities and towns in the open, multi-layered world of Hardland. Discover remote areas, hidden crannies and destinations you can reach only with your imagination. Hardland offers over ten hours of playtime with over a hundred unique NPCs, various group quests, and thirteen endings.

Dreams – Every time you sleep by the campfire, you have deep dreams to explore. Locate the campfire in one particular location and pay attention to the signs of dream dishes throughout the state.

Non-Linear Search – Have a secret meeting tonight? Maybe you go to the grave instead. Or maybe you just get away with the boar. Hardland will not force you to follow the story in any order; The game is highly non-linear, with complete freedom to explore at your own pace.

Adventure with fantasy – Talk to people. Build trust and relationships. Get dressed and look at things from a new perspective. Lift the lock to enter the houses and just jump off the rocks with a little bird to help you fly. Trade with merchants for gold and commodities or peek behind them to steal something free. Take the shovel to dig the treasure and wield the sword to remove the ghost’s heart. Adventure awaits around the corner in Hardland!

Hardland Reviews

Hardland This game is very interesting, which has a real adventure experience while playing. It’s a lot of fun finding the clues provided here. The story of the game provides a mysterious value, due to which one wants to go ahead with the game. All the quests and stories are available in it, due to which the game is fun, and value for money.


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