How Do You Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

How Do You Make a Smoker in Minecraft

The smoker is mainly used for cooking quickly in Minecraft. In the Minecraft game, you need to survive, and to survive you need food to eat. The smoker will help you to cook food fast so that you can run quickly from the previous spot to the new spot. 

As you all know Minecraft is a game of sandbox in which you will be going to get a house that is made up of blocks, machines, and other buildable materials. You will get plenty of raw food to cook but how do you make a smoker in Minecraft? Read below to know the details. 

It is very important to have a good plenty of food when you are surviving in the several modes of the game. Food plays an important role in the game to fight hunger and to give you amazing energy to get into form. If you want to cook food fast in Minecraft then building a smoker will be the best and only option for you. 


A smoker in Minecraft is a grate by which you will be going to cook food to fight hunger. In comparison to the other grate, the furnace of Minecraft will help you to cook food fast so that you can save more time. You will get raw fish, raw meats in the Minecraft game to cook for yourself. You can easily cook raw fish and raw meat in the furnace of Minecraft. 

This furnace is not only used for cooking purposes but it is also allowing the villagers to get a job as butchers. Along with cooking food, the smoker will also help in providing jobs to the villagers. 

Guide to Build Smoker in Minecraft

Want to know How do you make a smoker In Minecraft? You don’t need to worry about building a smoker in Minecraft because it is too simple to build it. You firstly need to build the regular grate. For building a regular grate you will need cobblestone, black stone, or you can use another type of stone to build it. 

Once you get the grate then you will need to combine it with four kinds of wood. As you know the grate is not a living thing so it cannot ask you for the desired wood. You can use any kind of log for the grate. 

Guide to Use a Smoker in Minecraft

Use can easily use a smoker like a regular grate. Firstly, you need to fill the smoker with some fuel. Coal, wood, and coal blocks. These materials will help you to cook food by giving fire into the grate. As soon as the fire starts burning, the players need to put their food items on the smoker so that they can start the cooking process. 

This guide is supported with every necessary information that you will need to make a smoker in Minecraft. If you are a Minecraft player then you must know how important to survive in the Minecraft game. To survive in the game, food is a must to fight hunger. 

If you have food but you don’t have a smoker then how will you cook it? Read the whole informational blog and get the idea of building a smoker in the Minecraft game so that cooking can be easy for you.

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