How To Breed Pandas in Minecraft?

How To Breed Pandas in Minecraft

Primarily, the players used pandas for harvesting the materials, and the pandas were known to throw the bamboos on death. So, in this blog, we will talk about How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft and also will tell you the food that needs to breed the pandas.

Way of Breeding Pandas in Minecraft

Let me tell you that as the real pandas, these pandas also need bamboos to eat. The blocks cannot give you bamboo so you have to go into the jungle to find the bamboo for pandas. Just enter the love mode first. You need 5 bamboos to breed which must be in a five-block radius and the height of the bamboo should be equal to 8 blocks.

When you get the bamboos then need to feed them. For this, you have to make a farm which should be more secure so that the panda can’t be able to cross the bar made by you. Remember that, you need to fulfill all the requirements while making the farm for the panda. If you fulfill the requirements then the panda will not be going to cross the bar which you have made by the bamboos.

Once you have done this, you need to start feeding bamboos to the panda. When you complete this task then the panda will go into the love mode and then the baby panda will take birth after a few seconds of completing the feeding process. Hope you have cleared your query of How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft.

Pandas have many varieties of personalities that will define how they act and what they eat. If you owned a panda then you must have known that they eat bamboo. In real life, the game is also the same in which you need to feed a panda to get the baby panda. 

Although the pandas are very cute when you hit them, they will easily get angry and can be the reason for damage. If you don’t want damages then try to not provoke them. The pandas just need a little more step to eat and that is the only thing that can be your issue. If you know the way of using the panda then they can also be an advantage for you. 

Here is a list below of Damages a Panda can do on the difficulty

Easy: 4 Hearts

Medium: 6 Hearts

Hard: 9 Hearts

If you don’t know where to find Panda then you should know that there are 3 places in a game for getting pandas. You cannot find pandas everywhere. You have to go into the Bamboo Jungle. Because they love Bamboo as their food so you can get them over there. If you are unable to find the bamboo jungle then you can look for the other jungle also. If you still can’t find the pandas then you need to search them into the sparse jungle. 

These are three places where you can find pandas easily. Panda is a feature that can be either your best friend in the game or your biggest enemy. So be careful when you have a panda during the game. 

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