How to complete Temple of mithras valhalla Mission

If you are a van of assassin creed Valhalla and love to play this video game then chances are you may stuck with AC Valhalla temple of mithras. This is one of the popular mission, if you want to crack this mission then you are in the right place, below you get some important instructions and informations which you need to complete this mission.

How to complete Temple of mithras valhalla Mission

Temple of mithras valhalla

This is one of the popular mission and most of the people stuck in this mission. The temple is located in Lunden and has a several guards luring around the grounds. The Lunden is a place where you get lots of wealth, but if you have your eyes on Briton Shield then you get that in this mission. The normal or abcious entrance is from the road and if you want to know where is the shield then you have to read to discover the way to grab the armor from the AC Valhalla temple of Mithras.

How to get temple of mithras valhalla

If you want to know how you get the gear or shild in this game mission, then finding the entrance is not too difficult, but fair warning is – you are not on the walls and shadow quest. So, you won’t be able to get in as simple it was in the previous missions.

If you find the area is pretty guarded and it is up to you how you want to handle the situation. You can pick them off arrows or stealth in and choose bypass to move from there, there are many ways and it is up to you how you can handle the situation. If you are heading to entrance from square stairway then you land in the middle of the courtyard area.

Once at the bottom of the stair, you squeeze through the gap on your left and follow the passage to short drop-off. To the left is a dead and so go right and you get a short way when you reach at the opening of your left side. Go straight across another passage until you reach a wall and then turn right. You will see two moveable shelves along this wall and you have to move the second one to reveal a crawlspace.

Now, duck through a head down the slope to the next wall and then turn right again. After that follow this passage and take the last turning right before you hit the dead end. Now move down and you reach the part of follor which is made up of wooden planks, after that turn left and you see the chest which you are searching for. Just open that chest and you get Briton Shield.


The temple of mithras valhalla mission is all about getting the shield or the Briton Shield in Valhalla. So, if this article provides you complete information about temple of mithras valhalla, then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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