How to Create Custom Mailing and Shipping Boxes

If you wish to make a lasting impression upon your clients, you should think about investing in custom mailing and shipping boxes. You can either get them made to your own liking or get them from a printing company. It all depends on what kind of look you are looking to achieve. For instance, there are custom acrylic mailboxes that have lids with frosted lenses that you can paint with enamel paint. This is the most common kind used in the USA. Others also use PVC plastic as well as polystyrene, which are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

How to Create Custom Mailing and Shipping Boxes
Custom Mailing and Shipping Boxes

Custom Mailing and Shipping Boxes

There are many companies that specialize in custom mailing and shipping boxes. You can contact them directly online, through their websites, or by telephone. They will be happy to show you their portfolio and show you examples of their work. When choosing the boxes, you should select ones that are made from heavy duty materials that can endure the stresses of shipping and handling. The material should also be water resistant and able to withstand various weight fluctuations.


You can also choose the style, size and color of the boxes in your custom designed mailings and packaging. Some companies also add other services to the boxes like custom handles, custom sizes, and custom accessories like tie downs and bottle carriers. If you are on a tight budget, you can use common shipping boxes but make sure they are sturdy enough to hold your belongings. Just remember not to compromise quality with low price.

Shipping Boxes

Before you pick out your shipping boxes, consider the location of your business and the nature of your goods. For example, if you need to ship delicate items like glass and wooden vases, it would be advisable to use padded packing peanuts and foam peanuts to cushion the items. These help protect them during transportation. Other than shipping boxes, packing peanuts and foam peanuts can also be used for sending CDs, DVDs and paintings.

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When you are choosing the right materials, it is important to pick the right printing company. A good printer will not only be able to produce your custom boxes but will also give you valuable advice on how to maximize your profits. They will be able to show you the best ways to design your package so that it can attract a maximum number of customers. They can even work on your basic order to come up with a very unique design. There are printers who have custom design capabilities as part of their services.

How to Create Custom Mailing and Shipping Boxes
Custom Mailing and Shipping Boxes


Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you buy your boxes from a reputable manufacturer. It pays to invest in quality shipping supplies. Some manufacturers may even offer free samples of their products to let you see what your new boxes will look like. This will also help you compare prices between manufacturers so that you can get the best deal.

Mailing Box

If you are interested in using colored or patterned materials for your mailing box, you should ensure that you choose one that can stand up to heavy use for a long time. Your boxes should be strong enough to withstand daily use by people from all walks of life. You should look for a box that has been made from materials that are known for their durability.

There are many manufacturers out there who can customize any kind of box that you need. It pays to do your research before you order anything. The last thing that you want to happen is to receive a faulty box that does not meet your specifications. Do not take any chances as this could prove to be a costly mistake.