How To Find a Jungle in Minecraft?

How To Find a Jungle in Minecraft

Getting the jungle biome is not easy in Minecraft because the Jungle biome is supposed as rare in Minecraft. You can get a jungle biome near the Mega Taiga biome. You can also find it near the forests. The jungle can also be found at the hilly biomes. Sometimes, many players find jungles in deserted areas. 

You can identify jungles by their big size of trees. Small trees can be anywhere but you can find jungle by identifying the trees which are usually big than the normal trees with vines hanging. 

Guide to Find Jungle in Minecraft

If you want to find out about the jungle then you need to first explore the whole map. Explore all the biomes as much as possible. As jungle is rare in Minecraft that means you need to search a lot for that. Try to explore all the biomes like Mega Taiga, Deserts, Savannas, forests, and also extreme hills where the chances are more to get Jungle. 

if you find out one of them then you will need to walk at the edge of those biomes. Chances to getting the jungle at the edges of the biomes are more.  want to know How to find a jungle in Minecraft? Read the further given information.

Seven Variants of The Jungle Biomes-

Modified Jungle

Jungle Hills

Jungle Edge

Modified Jungle Edge

Bamboo Jungle

Bamboo Jungle Hills


All the variants of the jungle have different looks and all variants contain unique animals and blocks. While exploring inside the jungle, you will get to see all the specialties of these variants. To know more on how to find a jungle in Minecraft then continue the reading. 

If you are confused and unable to find out the jungle biome then I will suggest you go for the Mega Taiga biome. There are lot more chances to get jungle over there. Some players also claim that Mega Taiga is mostly connected with the parts of the jungles. You just need to go over there then explore the whole biome so that you can find the jungle easily. 

If you are unable to find out the Mega Taiga biome for any reason then you should find out the spruce trees first. Spruce trees are larger as a comparison to normal trees. spruce trees can only be found at the Mega Taiga biome so it will be better to find the spruce trees first if you want to get Mega Taiga Biome. 

These are all ways that I have mentioned in this blog. All the ways will help you to find out the jungle. If you want to play without cheating then you can try these methods for getting jungle in Minecraft. From every small piece of information to all the useful information, I have cleared all the necessary things that will be going to help you in your journey. 

If you are unable to find out the jungle or any biome then you need to go with the signs. Identifying the biome with the sign will help you. Exploring inside the biome at the beginning can waste your time so try to explore the biomes by the edges. There is a high chance to get jungle at the edges of the mentioned biomes.

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