How to Fix Steam Disk Write Error on Multiple Games Quickly

Steam is a popular social gaming website where you can buy, play and discuss games. But, have you ever received Steam Disc Write Error while installing or updating games? Have you ever been able to find an effective solution? If you had a hard time, this post should be useful for you.

Write error while downloading / installing Steam disk

When installing or updating games such as Dota 2, Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto V and PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, Steam sometimes displays an error message stating, “Install [game title] (disc right error) / An error occurred while updating. “

See image below

Write steam disk error
Write steam disk error

Commonly known as an error writing Steam discs, this problem can occur anytime a game is updated or installed on Steam, making Steam unable to complete the installation. The disk write error shown in parentheses is the specific cause responsible for the error.

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How to fix steam disk write error ? If you are having trouble updating the game or installing the game on Steam due to a disc write error, try the following solutions.

Write Steam Disc Fix the error provided by the users

  1. Run as administrator

Go to the file location of Steam (the default location is C: / Program Files [86] / Steam). Right-click on Steam.exe and go to Properties. Head to the tab in the Compatibility Properties and make sure, “Run this program as an administrator”, is ticked. Click Apply and run Steam again. Check whether the steam disk write error has been resolved.

2. Delete the 0KB file

This solution is provided by a Reddit user and many users find it useful. In short, they resolved the issue by going to Program Files (x86) / Steam / Steemaps / Common and only deleting a file called “Fallout”, which was 0KB in size. When they relaunched the game, Fallout 4 was fully loaded. This solution can also be useful when updating similar games. See the original post here.

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3. Remove Write Protection

When a disk is write-protected, you are unable to modify the formatting and writing. This is another possible reason for the steam disk write error. Please make sure Steam’s directory is not read-only. Then right-click on your Steam Launch icon and click Run as administrator.

But if the disk is already written protected, you can just clean write protection and remove the error using the command.

Take Windows 10 for example.

Run the command prompt as an administrator. Then type these commands one by one and press enter key after each:

  • diskpart
  • List disk
  • Select a disk # (# is the number of hard drives with which you are receiving a disk error).
  • Features Clean the disk easily
Steam Disk Write Error
Steam Disk Write Error

Now you can close the command prompt, repeat the downloading / upgrading process, and check if the Steam Disk error Windows 10 has disappeared.

  1. Delete Corrupted Files in Logs

Go to / log / content_log steam and open it. Scroll to the bottom of the log file, and watch for the “write failed” error, which will list the file name and path of the problem. Please follow the path to remove the corrupted file, and then repeat the downloading / upgrade.

  1. Check Hard Drive for Errors
    All storage drives / devices can be affected by file corruption, especially if it has run for years or is running under heavy load. You want to work with a technical support specialist to investigate potential issues with your Steam hard drive.

For Windows: My PC -> Right-click on the drive for Steam -> Properties -> Tools -> Error checking

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If you are not particular, but want to do by yourself, then the MiniTool Partition Wizard Free is a good recommendation. Its check file system and surface test facility can take you through the disk check process easily and quickly. Applies to all Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 versions.

Download this freeware, install it on the computer and follow the guide below:

Free download

Step 1. Launch this free partition magic in the main interface. In the Disk Map area, select the partition that has Steam installed and select the check file system from the check partition.

Step 2. In the newly emerging window, fix the checked errors and click on the Start button. Please wait patiently until the work is completed. If an error is found, the Partition Wizard will do its best to fix it.

Now is the time to test if the area with the error writing the steam disk has bad areas on Windows 10/8/7.

Step 3. Select the disk with Steam installed and report an error writing to the Steam disk and then choose Surface Test from the Check Partition group.

Step 4. In the newly emerging window, click Start at the top right corner to start the check. Note that if reading errors are found, they will be marked in red. Conversely, if no bad sectors are found, all will be marked with green.

Tip: This feature is also useful for you in Windows 10 Quick Fix Windows Detect hard disk problem.
If no errors are found, go back to Steam and see if the Steam game update is still stuck.

If too many errors are found and your drive looks like a failed disk, it may be responsible for the Steam downloading / upgrade error. In this case, it is better for you to backup the data on the drive as soon as possible and then replace the drive. Fortunately, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free is also capable of doing this.

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Follow the simple guide below:

Step 1. On a disk map error, select the hard drive that has Steam installed and choose Copy Disk from the left action panel.

Step 2. Select a target disk to save all the data on the source disk. Keep in mind that all the data on the selected target disk for a successful clone will be cleaned. Thus, it is necessary to transfer important data to a secure location.

Step 3. Review the changes made as per your choice or change the copy option.

Step 4. Read how to boot from the target disk if you have such an intention.

Step 5. Click Apply to implement the pending operations and wait patiently until the Minitool Partition Wizard is finished.

“These solutions offered by Steam users are really useful. I followed the guide and deleted the 0KB file. Now everything is going well. I’m sure you might want to try one.”

But if the above user experience does not help, then you can continue reading the solutions put forward by Steam.

Official Steam Troubleshooting

  1. Steam and restart the computer
    Needless to say, restarting is always the first thing to try. Please restart Steam and then repeat the downloading / upgrade. If the steam disk write error persists, restart your computer.
  2. Clear the download cache
    Clearing Steam’s download cache will force the Steam client to flush locally cached configuration data and retrieve it again from Steam Server.

Please follow this path to clear: Steam> Settings> Downloads> Clear download cache

3. Reinstall Steam

Reinstalling Steam can fix potential issues with Steam clients and service files while preserving all installed games. Remember: Do not uninstall (it can remove all game content), just reinstall Steam in the same placeā€¦.

  1. Repair library folder
    Steam Library contains all your installed games which should be writable by all users so that they can download or update properly. However, sometimes the Steam game update gets stuck because user permissions change and refresh is required.

To repair please follow this path: Steam> Settings> Downloads> Steam Library Folders> Right click on the folder> Repair folder

  1. Verify Local Files
    Bad hardware, software crashes, and power surges can corrupt game folders. You can use Steam to verify the integrity of these files and to fix them if necessary.

Find Games in Library> Right Click on Properties> Local Files> Verify Integrity of Game Files

Validate steam files

  1. Change the download area
    The steam material system is divided into geographical regions. The Steam client automatically detects its current region and uses the content server located in that region.

Sometimes, the server in a specific region may be slow or overloaded, causing an error while writing a steam disk. You can move to a different download area, use another set of content servers to try.

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Please go to Steam> Settings> Downloads> Download area. You may need to test several areas other than your own.

Change download area

  1. Move game folder
    It is worth trying to install the game on another hard drive in case of a hard drive failure. If it works, you can create a new Steam Library folder on this drive and install new games or transfer pre-installed games to this Steam Library folder.

Please go to Steam> Settings> Downloads> Steam Library Folders> Add New Library Folder

  1. Refresh Local Network Hardware
    Network hardware may fall into a slow / broken state after a long run. It may be helpful to restart all modems and routers to fix the steam disk write error.
  2. Update System and Driver
    Ensure that your operating system and hardware drivers are all up to date and repeat downloading / upgrading.

For Windows: Start> search “update”> run “check for updates”

Check windows for updates
For Mac: drivers cannot be updated separately; You can only update the operating system to the latest.

  1. Check the firewall
    Some firewalls may prevent Steam from talking to its server. You can temporarily disable it for testing purpose. If this is the reason, then it may be necessary for Steam to add an exception to its firewall.
  2. Check for anti-virus
    Anti-virus hooks deeper into the operating system and can affect disk and network operations, further escalating issues with Steam. In addition, some games use copy protection technology that may appear as malicious software for antivirus scanners, resulting in a steam disk write error. You can disable anti-virus completely and check if the disk write error has stopped.

Tip: It is also useful to check for firewalls and anti-viruses if the Windows backup system is stuck creating an image.

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  1. Check out other programs and services
    Software that modifies or monitors system or disk or network activity can cause problems while downloading or playing games. These programs and services can run in the background and are usually associated with software such as anti-viruses, ad-blockers, web-optimizers, firewalls, system cleaners and more.

You can work with a technical support specialist to ensure that these services and programs are not interfering with Steam. You may need to temporarily disable them for testing purposes.

  1. Disable Overclocking
    Some users overclocked their hardware to achieve the best performance without accepting the manufacturers’ recommended settings. This can cause memory and file corruption and must be disabled (usually you can do this in the computer BIOS).
  2. Test the online connection
    Some Internet providers cache or compress online data to save bandwidth. This can cause problems with steam. It is good to try to connect your PC to a completely different network from a different service provider to fix the disk write error steam.
  3. Check RAM for errors
    Memory errors can cause problems with the Steam installation process as well as gameplay. You want to work with a technical support specialist to investigate potential issues with your system memory.

For Windows: Start -> find “mdsched” and run Windows Memory Diagnostic