How to get DJ Alok Character in Free Fire


DJ Alok is a playable character in Free Fire based on the real-life Brazilian music artist Alok. It’s already been a few months since this character got introduced into the game. So far, DJ Alok is probably one of the most OP characters in the game, if not the best. Today, in this article, we will look into how to make the best use of his character skill Drop the Beat. However, you can always check our list of the top 10 characters of Free Fire.

Tips and Tricks for DJ Alok in Free Fire

Using his ability to escape and retreat

At max level, Drop the Beat can increase your movement speed by 15%. This can be used to retreat and escape while engaged in an intense battle. The increase in movement speed along with the recovery of 50HP makes sure you make it out of the risky battle zone. Thus without taking much lethal damage unless it’s an entire squad chasing you down.

The sudden burst in sprint speed once you activate his skill can mess up with the enemy’s auto-aim if he’s far out. Even if you do take damage, the aura will keep recovering 5HP per second. His skill acts like Joseph’s skill Nutty Movement if you activate the skill just after taking slight damage. Another benefit of activating it with a little delay is that you’ll get to use up the complete 50HP the skill has got to offer.

Healing Abilities

Players must learn how to make the healing aspect of this skill to their advantage. The best thing about this skill is probably the fact that it heals without forcing you to stay still. When taking damage, this skill can restore a significant amount of HP for you and your teammates on the run. So, instead of trying to look for cover to use medkits, you can simply activate the skill. And thereby keep running in random directions to evade the attack and confuse the enemy while also regaining HP at the same time.

Synchronising with Allies’ DJ Alok

In case your allies have got DJ Alok maxed out as well, you must learn how to sync along with their skills. The skill Drop the Beat creates a 5m aura on activation. When you and your allies are close to each other and use Drop the Beat together. It, therefore, amplifies the original skill. So instead of getting just 50HP, you’ll receive 200HP as you are going to be inside your allies’ auras as well.

The same goes for movement speed, in case you and your team members stick together and use the skill. It’ll result in an increase in your sprint speed in an insane manner. This becomes of crucial use when you and your mates are trying to get into the safe zone or trying to reach a particular location while having to face cross flank spray from enemies positioned at a long-range.

Learning when to activate the skill and when to not

Remember, the CD for maxed out DJ Alok is 45s. This implies you can’t just keep using this skill all the time in a casual manner. In terms of healing, the skill can be activated to restore minor damages due to falling damage, unstable sprays, etc. especially when you don’t have much EP left. The only point to note here is, before using the skill to restore minor damages, you should figure out, beforehand, whether you might have to face enemies in the next 45s.

In case, it looks likely that you’ll be having to face off enemies real soon then it’s better to use a medikit/multiple inhalers instead of using up the skill. The skill can also be used to run through open areas faster without running the risk of getting sprayed in the open.

If you have come to this page, then it is obvious that you have come looking for Dj Alok’s character. Often people purchase DJ Alok character by paying money, but there is nothing like that you can buy DJ Alok character without money.  

Many people must be thinking how this is possible. But believe it is possible and many people have got aloof character in this way.

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How to get DJ Alok character in free fire

For this, you have to fill a form in which you have to enter your name and free fire user id. Get DJ ALOK

Dj alok Character
Dj alok Character

  After that you have to wait for 40 seconds

How to get DJ Alok Character in Free Fire

After that you will open a window in which you only have to share 5 people on WhatsApp.

How to get DJ Alok Character in Free Fire

After this, your request will be fully accepted and you will be given a character of dJ Alok in your account within 03 days.

Good Luck