How to Get free Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile

Carlo Character PUBG Mobile
Carlo Character PUBG Mobile

Recently, there was an update in PUBG Mobile, in which a new character came out called Carlo. But if we buy it with UC then it is very expensive. But PUBG has done something that this character can take every player. We have given some tricks below, so that you can take Carlo character for free.

PUBG Mobile Charlo Event Last Date:

It might be already late when you are getting this article, late for getting the chance to unlock the PUBG Mobile Carlo character for free. The PUBG Mobile Carlo was launched with the PUBG Mobile Patch Note 0.17.0 on 3rd March, but the time limit was given until 6th March only.

And from 7th March this PUBG Mobile Carlo Event will disappear and you need to buy this character for 1200 UC. If you have enough character chards then you can get that much UC discount as it was about the PUBG Mobile Sara Event.

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How To Get Carlo Character Vouchers:

  • There are 3 basic steps or clues that you need to unlock and convert them into Character vouchers. 2 Clues are worth 60 Character vouchers.
  • The first clue can be unlocked by just sharing this event on social media as the option is given in the event.
  • The other 2 Clues can find out by completing given daily missions.

Many more things are being added in the future in PUBG Mobile just wait and watch.

Even if you missed this chance to get enough character voucher to unlock the Carlo character you can buy it for 1200 UC. And if you don’t want to miss any Trick in the future then click the bell icon below and subscribe to this blog and get regular updates about PUBG mobile.

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